Club Penguin Pays Secret Agents and Tour Guides Coins

Chinsetakout here!!

There is some big news about secret agents and tour guides. Click more for all the info:

Have you ever thought about taking the quizzes to become a tour guide or PSA (Penguin Secret Agent)? If your penguin is old enough, and you’re interested in helping out around the island, you might want to consider the challenge… It’s going to be announced in the newspaper later this week that starting May 1st, penguins will get paid every month for doing those jobs! Here is what the post cards will look like:


I don’t want to give all the details away just yet (Aunt Arctic, the editor of the Club Penguin Times, will have an update soon), but let me say it’ll be worth your while. Let us know… What’s the first thing you’d do with extra coins every month? Do you like to spend or do you like to save?

I like to spend :mrgreen: I think this is an awesome idea and to help all you penguins here are the answers to becoming a Secret Agent (30 days) and becoming a Tour Guide (45 days):

Club Penguin Secret Agent Answers:

1. Honest.
2. Being mean or rude.
3. Report them.
4. Saying their address.
5. I want to keep Club Penguin Safe.
6. I want to help other penguins.

Club Penguin Tour Guide Answers:

Which color of puffle can catch fire? Black

In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin times? Boiler room

Which of these rooms doesn’t have music playing in the back round? The pet shop

How does the pink puffle play? Skips with a skipping rope

What item is always hidden in different place in the clothing catalog every month? The Viking helmet

How many sled-racing tracks are there? 4

Which room has a cuckoo clock? Ski lodge

How do you get a pin? Walk on top of it

Which of these rooms does not have a game in it? The beach

What is the name of Captain Rockhoppers ship? The Migrator

What item is thrown out of the truck in the level 4 of Bean Counters? A flowerpot

What day does the newspaper come out? Thursday

What is the name of the big fish in ice fishing? Mullet

Which of these games has a shark in it? Jetpack adventure

How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background? 60

Sweet! Are you a secret agent and tour guide? Excited? Ready to get some mulah? I am! :D



19 Responses

  1. Wow! I think this is an awesome idea! Spill your feelings ;)


    • That is so awesome! I want them to make a job catalog so that way we have two kinds of coins. Normal and Job coins! Then we can spend the coins we save up! What if we have to pay bills? LOL
      (CPC MOD)

  2. What if we had a snowmobile to drive and make a new building for a work! That would be too adultish though. LOL. Not kidding on the bills thing.
    (CPC MOD)

    • I wonder how much we get paid? I wonder if we get coins for not even doing our job? These are the questions you need to know! LOL! E-mail me back plz! Oh and how did you make that green face with the HUGE teeth?
      (CPC MOD)

        (CPC MOD)

  3. lol spill your feelings? O.o anyways, check my site to see who won the contest! :D

  4. wooow this is awesome!

    • I was shocked when I saw it too!!!
      (CPC MOD)

  5. Yes its cool. When r u going to have the next party on cp?

    • Just wait and find out. Theres a suprise for you all. If you dont make it to that then you can come to the 750,000 hits party!;)
      (CPC MOD)

  6. wow nice site dude you rock

  7. this is awesome

  8. cool blog dude

    • Its really cool isnt it? Come back and visit again! Tell your friends!
      (CPC MOD)

  9. Sweet! I think we might have a new mission that you actually get paid from or something. my second thought is they might have mods everywhere and see which penguin is doing the job the best.
    Waddle on,

    • Thats a smart idea! Keep it up! ;)
      (CPC MOD)

  10. Club Penguin let me try it! And guess whst? In my mailbox, I got…… BILLS! Just kidding! I didn’t test it (Duh!) Great post!

  11. I hope theirs cool jobs like working at the parlour, construction work (We might get a construction box!) And mostly I hope EPF agents get paid too!

    • Thats smart thinking Hjgduyhwsgah! Keep it up! If we got paid for being EPF agents, then we would get 750 coins a month!!! speaking about 750, we are getting really close to 750,000 hits!!!! Great Job! :D
      (CPC MOD)

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