How to Get One Million Coins on Club Penguin


Chinsetakout here!!

I have found a way to get one million coins on Club Penguin! Click more to find out:

We are not responsible for any bans that may occur while using this glitch use with caution!

  1. Go to coffee shop
  2. Click the Java bag to play Bean Counter
  3. While walking to the Java Bag Click your igloo icon on your chatbar
  4. Click to Yes to play
  5. Play a couple of levels to get some coins
  6. Keep Click “X” in the top right corner to keep getting coins





We have found this cheat by ourselves so we would appreciate it if you linked back to if you use the information!



33 Responses

  1. Sweet Cheat! Tell us if you use it! :D


  2. Thats a cool cheat!! I will be rich again!!!
    (CPC MOD)

  3. Awesome!!! Im going to use it Two times and thats all!!! Thanks for the awesome cheat!!!!!!!!
    (CPC MOD)

  4. I used it and got 50,000 coins!!! Im rich again!! :D:) Thanks Chinsetakout! ;)
    (CPC MOD)

  5. Thanks for the cheat!! I have a funny story to tell you on your chat!! So plz come and LOL your booty off! :)
    (CPC MOD)

  6. WOOT! LOL

  7. so wait, we use the tab bar or click? i dont know which one! please tell me as soon as possible!
    Chinsetakout: Click.

    • YOU REPLIED!! :D

    • You replied!!! :D
      (CPC MOD)

  8. how do you get the “More” thing for all your posts?

  9. ok u found that from wwe adam
    Chinsetakout: No i didn’t. I found it myself. I posted it at 10:30am Eastern Time he posted at like 3pm.

    • Cool!! Did you know that Futurechef found it right when you found it? Cool right?
      (CPC MOD)

  10. I’d do it fast before the mods find this out. This is what happened b4 with all the other million coins cheats. Big sites posted it and mods found out.

  11. hello it is dmon1999!
    how do you get the money? i tried it and I couldnt get the money all i got was the monet I earned
    p.s. It also works with puffle round up, i am not sure about other games though

    • I noticed that too!! I think your problem was that maybe you werent on a Safe Chat server. Well reread and find your mistakes!! Godod Luck!! ;)(CPC MOD)

  12. neer mind I found it out how get the money

  13. hey cool cheat is it ok if I use it on my new site and give credit to you btw, my site is *no advertising*

  14. can i use this on my new site if i give u credit? my site is *no advertising* Check it out!

  15. i tried this and i got booted off of the server D:

  16. Heelo? cool cheat! P.S: Hi penguitt!

  17. OMG!!!! i got BANN!!!! BANN I TELL YOU. JEEZ….. well i no its not ur fault but come on BANN!!!!

  18. I dont understand what you mean
    In Score 785
    i Klik Close and i get some coins not get 1 million

  19. I tried it and I got booted off the server!

  20. if u do these cheats u will get banned 4 ever like i almost did:(

  21. I GOT BOOTED OF THE SERVER!!!!!!! BAD TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. any body here

  23. they kicked me off the sever!!! I dont get it

  24. Dude the banned me for 24 hours and kicked me off the server too!!!!!!:(

  25. So I tryed to use the cheat & it worked at first. I got to play it at my iggy but then when I clicked the x for the second time an orange message popped up. I got kicked off. I bet the club penguin people check this website out & fix all the cheats.

  26. ok this cheat doesnt work anymore do not use it

  27. omg i got kicked off! BAD TRICK DUDE you suck!they check if you’re MAKING YOUR OWN CHEATS DUFUS!

  28. Good idea


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