Club Penguin Medieval Party 2009 Free Item Cheat – Wizard Hat

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has released the Medieval Party! Click more to find out where the free item is:

Wizard Hat Cheat:

  1. Log on to Club Penguin
  2. Go inside Lighthouse
  3. Walk up to Wizard Hat on the table
  4. Click yes to pick it up



Sweet item! Last year they brought it a couple of days into the party! Sorry the Knights Quest is only for members :cry: Hopefully they will bring another item!



8 Responses

  1. Cool item eh? Tell me what you think :!:


    • You were right!!!! :D It is the wizards lair again in the lighthouse!! :) Awesome guess!
      (CPC MOD)

  2. I already had it

  3. Yea!

  4. Thanks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by the way, how to get golden viking helmet

  5. hey that looks like Mickeys socrer hat! lol

  6. Thanks.i know a one million dollar cheat.ill tell you if i seee you on clubpenguin!

  7. Wait a sec? Yen Sid has Club Penguin?

    (Yen Sid – diS neY – found out – Kingdom Hearts)

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