New Club Penguin Exclusive Rockhopper Background

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has released a special new background! Click more for all the info:

There is a new background on Club Penguin that people who saw rockhopper at Disney World could recieve! Check it out!


 Here is someone on Club Penguin I found who had it:


I think that the next time Rockhopper comes he will probably bring this new background with him so everyone can get it. Lets hope because otherwise only the lucky few that could make it to Disney World will recieve it :(



16 Responses

  1. Fingers crossed that they bring it next time Rockhopper Comes :D
    Have you seen anyone with this background?


    • I have a question. How do you actually get it? Like does Rockhopper give you a coin at disney world with a code for the backround or something? Im confused.
      (CPC MOD)

  2. Hi Friend, awesome blog! you rock! Visit my blog of Club Penguin *no advertising*


    K K Huate

  3. *no advertising*

  4. Look I was advertisning

  5. finily new backround!

  6. I saw two different people with that background, I really want it!

    • Thats cool! :)
      (CPC MOD)

  7. you didnt fins that guy on clubpenguin! you got that off of my website *no advertising* it was one of my posts! hes my buddy and he was begging to be posted on my site and you copy it!!!!!!!!!

    • Maybe he saw him too! Did you ever think of that? Stop trying to insult people and take credit. Its not that nice. :)
      (CPC MOD)

  8. his name is Alex Bi 17!

    >=( now im amd at myself lol

  10. I figured it out!!! When you go to disney, Rockhopper gives you an EXCLUSIVE coin to type in for the backround!!!! Everyone!!! Ask your family and friends if they are going to Disney!!! Ask them to get you a souvinir!!! (the coin) Get me a coin too!! :) ;) :D. No joke! I really want one!!!!
    (CPC MOD)

  11. Hey that was grait thanks.
    I saw rockhopper today, through the telescope on the beacon, i can’t wait fot him to come! I have never ever seen rockhopper before ever on club penguin, because my penguin is only 68 days old.

  12. If you want to see Rockhopper you should see my backround!

  13. Yes i have Seen someone with The new background.
    The penguins name is Wexfief? something like that.
    Anyways im just in it for the moderator Thing.
    May you plz make me one, and ill give you my E mail.
    i hope you make me a moderator because i want to know what it feels
    like being a moderator. Hmmmm it must be good.

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