Club Penguin Glowing Ghost Cheat

Chinsetakout here!!

I found something really cool on Club Penguin! Click more to find out how to do it:

You can now glow on Club Penguin! Check this out to find out how:

First Open up your playercard and put on only the Ghost Costume and the Flash Light


Now Click the Dancing Icon under actions on the Chatbar or click the letter “D” on your keyboard to dance


Sweet your now glowing! :D It looks cool right?


Comment what you think of this cool new action!



7 Responses

  1. Sweet! Like the Cheat? Did anyone already know about it? Let the world know :D


    • Thats really cool! Thanks for the sparkling cheat! :) I hope you all havent forgotten the invisible feet cheat! ;)
      (CPC MOD)

  2. I never knew that until I saw you on Club Penguin doing it!

  3. Check out my website: *no advertising* but its not finished yet…

  4. i saw this guy doing it so i did it! lol

    • Thats funny! :D :)
      (CPC MOD)

  5. Yeah chinse i knew about it! go and look on my site. I wrote: copyright of chulupingbrothers, and i would be happy if u write that i discovered it but u dont have to.

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