New Furniture on Friday!

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here:

Billybob released a new What’s New. Click more to see what he has to say:

A new furniture catalog will be available on Friday.  It, of course, will be medieval themed so that you can keep the medieval spirit alive once the party is over!!


In other news: the Club Penguin team wants to see some medieval ninjas!! They will be taking a screenshot for the What’s New so dress up in your favorite ninja and medieval clothes!!

-Dr Pepper 66


9 Responses

  1. Kewl.

    • Thats great! Im going all out on this occation. Im finally back! email me at!

  2. Are you guys famous? Because if you are plz email me on how u did it! I have been trying for 500 days! Or you can leave a message on my site, if you do, check your comments on your how to be famous i gave you a link. To both of them!

  3. nice

  4. hey all zoozach2 is back and better than ever so im ready to take any questions u want and chinsetakout hi i havent seen u in a while any way send me and email or post ur question i will try my best to answer it to my best ability and yes i will add a few on cp if u ask me and say this super secret pass (**) you have to eather guess or email me bye
    (cpc mod)
    p.s. i will change the pass after a few so no 1 will tell

    • sry my email is
      (cpc mod)

  5. wow! Awesome CSS!

  6. wow!!!!!!!!!! awesomne

  7. you dont give enough of advise

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