Club Penguin May 2009 Furniture Catalog Cheats

Jojo161616 here!

Club Penguin released a new furniture catalog! Click more for all the cheats:

Club Penguin released a new Medieval Themed furniture catalog today!


Penguin Knight Sculpture Cheat:

  1. Log on to Club Penguin
  2. Click on your home icon
  3. Go to the Page 1
  4. Click the Medieval banner


Wheelbarrow Cheat:

  1. Go to Page 3
  2. Click on the Bottom of the Poodle Plant


White Picket Fence Cheat:

  1. Go to Page 4
  2. Click on the Right Stalk of Corn


Disco Ball Cheat:

  1. Go to Page 7
  2. Click on the Red Electric Guitar Shadow Box


Cool catalog! I really like the new Medieval Themed furniture :)



7 Responses

  1. Cool furniture! What is your favorite item?


    • Thats awesome!!! I like the new furniture this year then last year! :)
      (CPC MOD)

  2. hey zoozach still here i will take anyquestions and chinsetakout email me at thanks
    (cpc mod)

  3. hi

  4. nice post and cool backround!

  5. Hey! I’ts me! I just wanted for you to know I’m still alive. I STILL PLAY CLUBPENGUIN.-As I said on my last post. I quit my blog. My life is totally different. I am playing football and the practices are 5 days a week. Therefore I will be on Clubpenguin only on weekends and sometimes on weekdays. I hope to meet up with you soon on cp!

  6. awesome dude your the best worker ever

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