New Play Club Penguin Cheats Blog Feature

Chinsetakout here!!

We have an awesome new site update! Click more for all the info:

We have made an awesome new site that will be connected to this one, where you can Play Club Penguin and Chat with your friends all on one page. Just go to to see all the new features! Here is some of the new stuff you will find:

First you will see and RSS Reader which will show all the recent posts on this site! If you see a new one just click the image and you will be brought to this site to see the new post!


Next you will see you can play Club Penguin on this page!


If you want the screen to be bigger just zoom in on your web page to make it bigger. You can find the zoom in button, in the bottom right of most web browsers. Usually 125% is good.

ncs6   ncs7

There are also links to most of our Pages on this site so you can get all you Club Penguin Cheats while you play Club Penguin and chat with your friends! :D


You will also find some ads on this site. We have put these there because if you click them once or twice a day we can earn money for Coin Codes and Membership Cards for contests on this site! Remember though if you click them too much and too fast no money will be earned.


Another site feature is that our chat is right on this website too! Yep now you can Play Club Penguin, Get your daily dose of Club Penguin Cheats, and Chat with all the other viewers of our site :D Or visit it at


We are going to be putting a Play Now button on the sidebar, just click it to be taken directly to Club Penguin and our chat! :D Another way to get there even quicker is by making your homepage.


I really hope you enjoy this new site with a bunch of features! Please comment what you think!



11 Responses

  1. I really like this new site! I hope you do to :D Tell us what you think!


    • Thats so awesome! I LOVE it! It must have took you FOREVER!! Well it was worth it!!! Great blogspot!!!! Getting closer everyday to 750,000 hits!!
      (CPC MOD)

  2. i think it is a good idea but u should wait a little while jk ur going to do good
    (cpc mod)

  3. chinsetakeout, can i work on this site?

    -Pink Ster

  4. chinse u on the chat

  5. hi i am at the dock right now with ya and you asked if i know your web and yes yes i do add me!

  6. i have a web too *no advertising*

  7. i have some questions.
    1 how do you make swfs
    2 how do you get the fire works or any backround
    3 can you check out my blog sense I cant advertise just search rheddy on google.
    4 can you take a pic of me and you for my blog cause I dont have pics today!
    5 awsome site (Not a question)

    • I would answer those questions but I really dont know the answer. Sorry :(
      (CPC MOD)

  8. Your new update is so cool dude!

    ~Slippey50833~ P.S. You make awesome vids!

  9. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

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