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Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker

I will be out of town until Monday so please go to http://xat.com/Chinsetakout to group together and find Rockhopper so you can get that new background before he leaves the Island! 8O


Update: The Club Penguin at http://chinsetakout.blogspot.com is now big screen. Now you can play Club Penguin with a normal sized screen! :D Enjoy!

Chinsetakout here!!

Rockhopper is on his way to Club Penguin and I bet you want to find him. As most of you know I made a Rockhopper Tracker that displays his location when I have found him on Club Penguin. Please know that I may only find him 10-15 times but if you keep checking the tracker it will give you a much higher precentage for finding Rockhopper. Another great way to find Rockhopper is by looking together on my chatbox. Click here to enter my ChatboxYou also need to know the ropes to finding Rockhopper. CLICK HERE for a Rockhopper Finding Guide to learn how to find him. Make sure you watch this Rockhopper Tracker 24/7 to have the best chance to find Rockhopper.

 To get the code for the Rockhopper Tracker just CLICK HERE or click the Rockhopper Tracker.  Watch this tracker as much as possible:

Click here to Refresh the Rockhopper Tracker

We will also be putting the Rockhopper Tracker on http://chinsetakout.blogspot.com because then if you see the Rockhopper Tracker is updated with Rockhopper’s location then you can quickly get on Club Penguin to meet him :D The Chatbox is also on there so you can look in a group with the people on there if I haven’t found Rockhopper in a while! Please comment right away if you find him so I can update the tracker for everyone else. I really hope this helps you find Rockhopper because he is an awesome pirate to party with and he might be giving a new item away this visit :D



65 Responses

  1. Awesome! I really hope we can help everyone find Rockhopper! :D


    • Thx! I will stay on the tracker until I meet Rockhopper! I have never met him and I really need to! He is 1 of my trickiest people to find! Thx Chinse! ;)
      (CPC MOD)

      • Check out my site:*no advertising*

      • OMG!!! We need 20,000 more hits!!! Keep it up Everyone! You guys are doing great! Thx for coming ALOT! ;)
        (CPC MOD)

        • Now 2,000 more Hits!!! OMG!!! That party is so going to happen this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on everyone! Your doing great!!!

          • 1000 more hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited!!

    • Check out my website: *no advertising*

      • Sorry, I didn’t know you couldn’t advertise…


      • GOOD NEWS!! ONLY 6,400 MORE HITS TILL 750,000 HITS!!! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!~! :) :d
        (CPC MOD)

  2. Hi Chinse!
    I think it will help. I hope it will. I never met Rockhopper :(

    • well come to this chat it is rlly good for finding him!

      -Pink Ster

  3. Hey im on frozen right now!! at dock!

  4. hurry!!!!

  5. not anymore

    • You were on! I saw you! Whenever Im on, Im always on a chat. Make sure to look for my test penguin BlueCarter to! ;)
      (CPC MOD)

      • 710,540 hits!!! WE only need about 40,000!!! You all are doing great! We gain 1,000 everyday! Lets try to make it 2,000! ;)
        (CPC MOD)

  6. Hey, awesome site! Keep it up!

    Come join my forum!
    *no advertising*

    That’s just the forum, the official site is called CP Memories. It was shut down a year ago and now it is back up. It had over 100,000 hits. Here is one of the old layouts:
    *no advertising*

    Please join!

  7. hi i will help track him i will be gone some days

  8. Cool!! Can’t wait for Rockhopper to come!!!

    Rock on cpclubpenguin.org!!


    • I cant wait for Rockhopper to come either!! :D
      (CPC MOD)

  9. CPC Mod in TRAINING

  10. i cant wait for rockhopper to come and i hope he bring the background

    • i cant wait for rockhopper to come and i hope he bring the background from disney
      (cpc mod)

  11. lol no problem i like this visit this site to remember old times…
    anyway my site is getting 2 comments a day and we got under 100 hits for the 1st time since like August 2008! this is what aussie was going through when he was where i was…

  12. Hey what theme do u have
    Chinsetakout: Silver is the new Black but with the CSS upgrade.

  13. cool!

  14. lol thanks for the comments chinse. and uhhh ohhhh u look like u r in trouble :wink: :up:

  15. Hey im getting on cp right now! frozen at dock!

  16. getting off

  17. cool i like rockhopper he is the best

  18. omg wow how did u make ur site so amazing can u plz help me with mine

    • It took along time but it was all worth it! ;0
      (CPC MOD)

  19. hey chinse! i havent seen u at a party since ur 100,000 hits. try to come to my 75,000 hits if possible tonight!

  20. Hey! See the Club Penguin in Spanish!

    Link : http://play.clubpenguin.com/pt/index.php?aff=0&lang=es
    17 Ro

  21. Hey, Salty Commenting.

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    in style, hits and class. I am defenity
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    would be happy to check it out and
    comment. I would be more than

    I also Have a 100% Accurate
    Rockhopper Tracker. That Updates
    Everytime rockhopper moves sever
    or room. It also has some Sure Fire
    Tips On how to find rockhopper. I am
    Sure You Will Enjoy My Site. Looking
    Around The Pages And Reading Posts
    . I try my best to make it the best
    site for club penguin cheats. My Posts
    are of good standard and i update
    100% Fast. Somtimes Before Mimo Or
    Even Chrisdog.

    Please Visit My Awesome Site Today:
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    I Hope You Have A Terrific Day!


    • I love your site salty it rules!!!Its cheats are the best im so happy you found out about them!!!☺☺☺
      -waddle on

  22. This site LIES. It didn’t work

  23. Come join CP memories forums, the main site will open July 1st, 2009. Also, great blog, keep it up!

    *no advertising*

  24. Dear chinsetakout,
    why did you delete me from your buddy list? If it was i following you at the penguin play awards i only wanted to meet Gary so reply if you can add me back or not thanks

  25. Visit my website: * no advertising*

  26. hi go to *no advertising* for a sweet coin code contest awsome site

  27. Awsome you help ppl so much!

  28. Rockhopper is an old friend of mine.I want to see him again!

  29. Hey chinsetakout hope to see you again!

  30. I’m back!

  31. Hey im on cp right now frozen dock!!!!

  32. rockhopper at yukon beach!

  33. he just left now but he tell u storys! he was talking about one time when he thought he saw a shark and he swam awround the island and relized it was a log with a branch!

  34. Hey, Thats Ok! Oh And Can You Please tell me how u get the fireworks on your h2 bar!?


  35. Please Tell me how as a comment on my site. Just tell me what i have to add in!

  36. coool tracker it works! tnx

  37. u have 753,256 Visits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Hey Chinse. WOW. You got the new Club Penguin code? Can u tell me plz?.. And.. Can I work on your site? comment on my site PLZ with the new cp code and if i can work here.


  39. I mean the code for the Play Club Penguin on your site.. plz .. comment back.

  40. Hey I saw you on cp!

  41. Um Hi

  42. :*

  43. 8O

  44. Hey Im getting on CP! frozen! I will get on frozen as much as possible if I cant I will be on Yukon or sleet ;) on and at dock! so excited!!!!!!

  45. cpc mod, Bengallady7

  46. yo dude chinse i need ur help. Eagles770 be hatin on me (lol) like when i was hatin on u and i need ur help to try to cool him down and get his head straight k the post is *no advertising*
    so i need ur help to get eagles back to sanity, lol, then u can write *no advirtesing*

  47. hey chinsetakout its wyse from along time ago. im playing cp again. cya.

  48. hey chinse i want u to work on my site and post your really good posts because i had a poll for a new worker and u got majority so ur the new worker and you can post
    Have little more than 30 days to get atleast one good post in because i want to keep the site always up and going

  49. Hey everyone, I just wanted to remind you of my quitting party. It is currently schedualed for June 10th, 3 to 4 PM PST, Mukluk at the dock and there will be recording, pictures, find-four, mancala, and contests (like costume contests). I will also be putting all the names of everyone that came into a hat and pulling out someone and giving them 6 new penguins! :D
    If you want to see all this stuff relayed again, please visit: *no advertising*

  50. abominable is full =(

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