Club Penguin Spanish Servers

Chinsetakout here!!

There are now spanish servers in Club Penguin! Click more for all the info:

Yes! If you visit (thanks to 17 ro) you will see that there are spanish servers for Club Penguin! :D For some reason you can’t reach them while playing in english. :?:


Here are all the Spanish Servers:


Awesome! :D I think its awesome they are making Club Penguin in new languages!



14 Responses

  1. Sweet! What languages do you think will come next?


    • I think maybe Italian and German! That would be C :) :) L!
      (CPC MOD)

      • ok

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  3. Yeah I agree with Penguitt! That would be sweet!


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    Famous people who have do it:
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    i dont want to suspend you, so do it.

  5. i want to try it but i cant find spanish only Englash Porchagees and french plzz help me

  6. WOW! I hope German!
    I learn German at school….

    Auf Wiedersehen (Good Bye)

  7. Hey Chinesetakout!

    I was just looking on the French CP Blog,
    When I noticed that the Club Penguin DS Game is going to France!

    I hope you like what I found,

  8. i cant log in y

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  12. i think the next lunguage will be italian i dont know but maybe

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