Rockhopper Arrives to Club Penguin

Chinsetakout here!!

Rockhopper has arrived to Club Penguin! Click more for all the info:

Yes, Rockhopper has finally docked at the beach and his ship is filled with plants!


Go into the Ship Hold to see his Pirate Catalog in the bottom right corner.


There is a new free background, the Overgrown Ship Background and the rest of the items are plants which should grow over time! :D


Remember to pick up the free background :!:


Here is Rockhopper’s Agenda as seen from his Bulletin Board:


Pretty cool eh? Im still confused on why there are all the plants but I guess we will find out soon! Also if anyone finds Rockhopper make sure to comment what item he is giving away! :D Hopefully his new background with Bambadee!



6 Responses

  1. I wish he had brought some Clothing Items :cry: Oh well!


    • Me too! I thought he would bring the Disney backround! :( We have enough plants from the last catalog! lol! Come on Everyone! Lets get to searching for that hopping rock! lol
      (CPC MOD)

  2. Cool! I just met Rockhopper on Big Foot! His new Background is too cool!!!

    Waddle on!!!

  3. me to but some times he doesn’t bring igloo items

  4. im your biggest fan p.s please make me a mod my penguin name is cleve1235

  5. hello plz make me a moderator my penguin name is cleve1235

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