Rockhopper’s Plants Spreading on Club Penguin

Chinsetakout here!

Rockhopper’s plants are spreading on Club Penguin! Click more for all the info:

The plants that were on Rockhopper’s Ship are now all over the beach! Check it out:


My guess would be that next Penguin Times Issue that Rockhopper announces that he is going to use all his extra plants for a Summer Kick Off Party of some sort for June :D I hope its a Luau! Comment what you think!



17 Responses

  1. I hope it for the Summer Kick Off Party! What do you think :?:


    • I noticed that too!!!! We hit 750,000 hits!!! Woot woot!!! Cant wait till the party!!!

    • I hope its a luau! I hope they bring back the red and blue lei! And mabe even a Green 1 with 2 other colors like the red lei! :) Cant wait!
      (CPC MOD)

  2. I hope its a luau too.

  3. Attention this is an automatically generated post, the post reader has hit 750,000 hits and this means party in the next week attention chinsetakout please email Zoozach2 about the party and for our meetings thank you: -Zoozach2
    (Cpc Super Mod)

  4. Hello, Chinesetakout(awesome cp name). How did you get your penguin’s picture in the square? Also, can you please sponsor my website? I’m new to all this, so I can’t get it in the searches. :[ I’d sponsor your’s!


  5. no, think rockhoppers unpacking the plants for his farewell, but i think too that rockhoppers giving his plants away for a party im 99% sure, nice blog.

  6. I can’t wait for your party!! And I also hope its a luau!!


  7. Hey Chinsetakout! i think that it is for a party and i think that it will either be a luau or a water party for the summer! well i hope that it is both because i was never to either of the parties!
    Well anyway thanks for all your help on club penguin!
    i am a co mod!

  8. How do you go about becoming a moderator?

  9. Looking for Rockhopper but just can’t find him? Copy and paste the below into the website box at the top of the screen and track Rockhopper!

    *no advertising*

    Hope I helped!

  10. No advertising? Oh well I tried.

  11. hi plp

  12. hi plp im sooooooooooo bored

  13. You want to know how he got those plants? When i met rockhopper he told me that he found some seeds and they just grew grew and GREW! cpc mod Bengallady7

  14. dude rockhoppers ship and items r so bad all u can buy r some stupid plants for ur iggy and a free nonmember bg that also sucks i hate plants in real life! and now there bringing them into cp like were some enviorment freaks =/

  15. Um, do the plants grow or something because I bought two and they have just been sitting there for like a week… By the way, it probably is a luau (ignore my spelling) but I doubt the leis will be the same colors as last year. Oh and great job on the blog!!

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