Club Penguin Card Jitsu Update

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

Club Penguin made an update for the Card Jitsu game in the Dojo! Click more for all the info:

Log into Club Penguin and head on up to the Dojo and you will find a card symbol in the bottom right of your screen!


Click them and you will see how many more wins you need until the next belt and you can see your online collection of Card Jitsu Cards!


I really like this update because before it was way to hard to figure out when you were getting your next ninja belt! Remember try and hurry to become a ninja so you can enter the Dojo Igloo Decorating Contest! :)

– Dr Pepper 66


18 Responses

  1. i wanna be a ninja SOOOOOOOOOOO badly!

    • i already put that i wasnt a ninja and i hope some of u can answer my question! Thanks for posting this site!!!

    • you have to beat sensei

      • i keep on trying to beat him (i dont have the black belt yet`) but i can never get him – Gymnast Lyss <33

        • you cant beat him on a non black belt he will just keep winning so wait until ur a black belt

          Josh Ca add me!!!

    • same but i can seem to beat alot of ppl for some reason!!

      Gymnast Lyss <33

    • you can just ern your belts

      im Josh Ca make sure u add me

  2. Comment a yes if your a ninja and a no if your still working at it!

    – Dr Pepper 66

    • Yes! I am a ninja! I have 40 cards total! It is so fun being invisible! I have entered the Dojo Igloo Contest and hope you all can make it to my igloo! It looks AWESOME! Hope I win! ;)
      (CPC MOD)
      Chinsetakout: Awesome! I hope you win the Grand Prize :D

      • how did u get so many cards?

  3. yes!

  4. No! Im am sooo sad! How long do you think it takes to become a ninja? Wish me luck! -4ikoop4

    • Well, it depends how much you play it.
      In one day i could go to Purple belt to Black and beat Sensei too.
      Keep Trying!

  5. Yes! Its awesome to be a ninja and become invisible!

  6. that is so lame man

  7. i want to become a ninja!!! -Gymnast Lyss <33

  8. ok this is how you really get to be a ninja get your black belt the play sensei in till you beat him

  9. Please sumbit some unused codes. or send them to my mail cuase i need them!

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