Club Penguin May 2009 Sports Catalog Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Today a new sports catalog was released! Click more for all the Cheats:

Head down to the Sports Shop in the Ski Village to see the new Sports Catalog! :D


Green Soccer Jersey Cheat:

  1. Log on to Club Penguin
  2. Go to the Ski Village
  3. Enter the Sports Shop
  4. Click on Sports Catalog
  5. Go to Page 1
  6. Click on Soccer Ball next to word soccer!



There are also three returning backgrounds for non members!


Cool! Tell us what you think of the new catalog! :D



10 Responses

  1. Awesome Catalog! Not many new items, oh well :roll:


  2. Did you notice that every time you wanted to buy an item it said “this item is currently unavailable” ? They fixed it though! :)
    (CPC MOD)

    • i know!! that happened to the boom box at the music jam too

  3. cool post!

  4. Ye seen me old plants yet mateys hope you have cos me leaving today.
    O yarr where have you got too. gotta go bye mateys.

  5. PLZ help meh get fmous

  6. awesome site
    Luv this site

    ashley tisdale

    • hey its me
      Ashley Tisdale!!!!!
      Vanessa is here with me ryt now
      Thought of taking a look of this famous penguin thing
      At last landed here
      Buzy with actin

      Wow cp is rocking with music. gotta knw that its this music jam!!
      anyone wanna get to knw me on cp?
      I made an account actually
      though its babish
      my name is…. rockgal99

  7. ok who is this sanara anyway?
    we invented it
    no one wud believe us here
    so gtg

    ashley aka sharpay

    Bye club penguin cheat programme
    carry on
    ma cous luvs cp
    me too!!!!!!

    vanessa aka gabrielle in HSM

  8. Awesome site!

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