New Club Penguin Books Sneak Peek

Chinsetakout here!!

I have found some new Club Penguin books! Click more for all the info:

Here are some new books that soon will be coming out:






Awesome! Do you think you will get any of these books?



9 Responses

  1. Sweet! :D Which is your favorite? I think I would either like the comic one or chillin with friends the best! :mrgreen:


  2. Awosme! I might get one!
    cpc mod, Bengalady7

  3. AWESOME BOOKS!!!!! I would for sure want the comic book. I love, make, and LOVE comics! (oops, i said love 2 times) hope I get one.
    P.S, Everybody who reads this comment, could you go to my website? Just visit google a type in CC’s (comic’s, cheats, and more)

  4. just testing. YOU RULE! =D

  5. vistit my club penguin cheat website at CC’s (comics, cheats, and more) on google

  6. Cool! Nice post!

  7. my friend hs that poster of the cover for Chillin With Friends

  8. will u post the page codes in

  9. im getting the comic book on monday!

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