Club Penguin June 2009 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin released a new clothing catalog! Click more for all the cheats:

The new catalog is summer themed with some adventure themed clothes as well.


Now lets get to the cheats! :D

Canteen Cheat:

  1. Log on to Club Penguin
  2. Enter Gift Shop
  3. Click on Clothing Catalog in bottom right corner
  4. Go to page 3
  5. Click the rock in the bottom left


Crystal Staff Cheat:

  1. Go to page 5
  2. Click the Dark Gray Stone


Woodsman’s Hat Cheat:

  1. Go to page 5
  2. Click the window on the right side


Blue Dragon Costume Cheat:

  1. Go to page 6
  2. Click on the Dragon Shadow


Black Graduation Cap Cheat:

  1. Go to page 7
  2. Click the tea cup on the left


Red and Blue Viking Helmets Cheat:

  1. Go to page 10
  2. Click on where the two lights cross
  3. Open and close the Red Viking Helmet Four Times to get the Blue Viking Helmet



There are also two new backgrounds and two returning ones for non members :D


Awesome Catalog! I can’t wait for summer :D



14 Responses

  1. Awesome! Comment if your out on summer break yet! I am in a week :D


  2. i got out on june 3rd and ily site

  3. I am already on Summer Break! I got out on May 28. But then again, we started at August 8th.Well I love the new catalog! Cant wait till the summer party! ;)

  4. Not very many cheats this time, huh?

  5. This is a cool catolog, to bad i dont have many coins, and my membership will expire soon. Thanks!

  6. IM OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. im out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Im not even at school mateys, Im looking after me old yarr here anyway enjoy you break, I’ll be back soon we new rare item so don’t miss out kiddies!!!!!

  9. this is lame

  10. this website totally helped me out thanks
    Chinsetakout: Awesome! :D So glad to help!

  11. That summer outfit is soooo cute!!!! Tho I cant decide on wat shoes to
    wear!!!!Wigs that look good with it are the wavy ponytail,Sunset or fesita party one,Flouncy.Come up with some else too! be ungiue (sorry for the spelling) mix and match, BE CRAZY!
    your fashion princess cpc mod,Bengallady7


  12. I get out 2morro!!!! :) im gonna go to middle schoolllllllll!!!! :D

  13. Lucky Who R Alreay out because…:-( i get out June 15th…

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