Club Penguin Cheats 800,000 Hits Party Today

Update: This is Chinsetakout. I am so sorry I could not make the party! :cry: My mom made me study for exams which I have next week. I tried to get on anyway but i couldn’t! Since I couldnt make it I told Dr Pepper 66 and Jojo161616 not to log on. We will rescedule it for next weekend which is the start of summer vacation for me :D I am sorry for an inconvienance.

Chinsetakout here!!

Remember today we are having our 800,000 Hits Party :D Everyone is invited and we hope everyone can come :!: Here is the invite:


These are the different times for the different time zones:

USA Eastern: 1:30pm

USA Pacific Time(Western Time): 10:30am

USA Centeral: 12:30pm

USA Mountain Time: 11:30am

United Kingdom Time: 6:30pm

Awesome! Please try to come out and have a great time partying :D We will take a bunch of pictures so your penguin could very well be shown to the whole world when we post them on here!



13 Responses

  1. We really hope all of you can make it :D


    • It should be the 900,000 hits party! only 6,000 more hits away! ;) Cant wait!!! I hope Jojo161616 and Dr Pepper will be there this time too!
      -Penguitt (CPC MOD)

      • Ive been there for 30 minutes. U r not there! :(
        -Penguitt (CPC MOD)


  3. well i missed it sry i was at the pool see u when we get to 1000000 hits so long for now
    (cpc mod)

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  5. hello chinse im glad that you couldnt come to the party because i couldnt i think i should be able to come next weekend and i have finals also this week so ill be trying my best please email me when u can thanks
    (CPC MOD)

  6. Cool, please visit these awesome websites!
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    Thank-You! P.S. sorry i cant make it to the party


  7. Hey guys, Look im really sorry about not being there,my sister had cheer and I had to go… :( But u were late Chisne! if you were one mintue sooner you would have seen me! :( so once again i am very sorry
    cpc mod,bengallady7

  8. i can mack it :(:(:(:(:(:(

  9. hey chinse. my blog got hacked. :( the hacker said he wil neva post :( can i work here?? if yes DONT SEND AN EMAIL TO MY CURRNT WP ACC cuz thats hackers. i wil make new email. plz can I? email me back at

  10. Hello Chinesetakout! I will be attending the party so I will be banning bad penguins . I probally will invite you as my buddy but cp wont like that so i need to think about that. Your good friend Screenhog (cp moderator)

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