Club Penguin June 2009 Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Chinsetakout here!!

The adventure party is here and there is a scavenger hunt! Click more for all the hidden locations:

First click the binoculars in the top right corner to start your hunt!


First Hidden Item

  1. Go to Underground Pool
  2. Wait for the gray fish to swim by
  3. Click on him


Second Hidden Item

  1. Go to the Cove
  2. Click the tall flower next to the Surf Shack
  3. Click on the rainbow flower

ep4 ep5

Third Hidden Item

  1. Go to Dock
  2. Click on the turtle shell
  3. Click on the turtle now sitting on the rock


Fourth Hidden Item

  1. Go to Snow Forts
  2. Click on bush to make flowers bloom
  3. Click on bloomed flowers


Fifth Hidden Item

  1. Go to Iceberg
  2. Click on water spraying upward
  3. Click on whale that jumps out

ep8 ep9

Sixth Hidden Item

  1. Go to Plaza
  2. Click on hanging bush in top right corner
  3. Click bloomed flowers


Seventh Hidden Item

  1. Go to beach
  2. Click on bubbling water
  3. Click on jellyfish


Eighth Hidden Item

  1. Go to Forest
  2. Click on the big pink flower on the tree trunk


Now Claim your prize:


Congrats, you now have gotten an Adventure Party Background :D


Awesome scavenger hunt! I thought the clues were pretty easy! What did you think?



4 Responses

  1. thanks allot
    waddle on

  2. This hunt was really fun :D Did you get stuck on any of the clues? I found the beach one to be the hardest :roll:


  3. Thanks sooo much!!!!!I always come to your website if I need help on anything!!You guys always have what I need!!Thank you soo much!I thought the second one was really hard and the sixth one.

  4. tnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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