Club Penguin Cheats 800,000 Hits Party


Jojo161616 here!

We are having a 800,000 hits party tomorrow to celebrate all the great viewers we have :D Thank you guys so much for visiting our website, we will continue to do what we love the most, helping you guys :D We will have another even bigger party once we get to 1,000,000 hits! It will be a summer party and hits party :D Keep visiting so we can party even faster :D

Here is the party invite:


Here are the different time zones:

  • USA Eastern Time Zone: 3:30pm
  • USA Pacific Time Zone: 12:30pm
  • USA Central Time Time Zone: 2:30pm
  • USA Mountain Time Zone: 1:30pm
  • United Kingdom Time: 8:30pm

I really hope everyone can make the party :D It is going to be a blast :mrgreen:



11 Responses

  1. We really hope everyone can make it! We will try to add as many people as possible and send postcards to tons of people! We will also feature five penguins who come to the party in a post on our website!


  2. i will totally come!!

  3. Go to *no advertising*
    and say that Ichigo Kuro1 brought me here!

  4. yo chineasetakeout cool site! I will try my best to make it to your party today! Please remember my name, woffbuffet1


    Please check my site out and leave a comment

  5. oops my real site is actually: *no advertising*


    just click that link thanks

  6. hey, I might not make it cause my mom has to be at my cheer gym 25 mintues before one.she might have said after 12 maybe….. I’ll try to come
    cpc mod, Bengallady7

  7. sweet ill try! i mite be busy tho! :D

  8. DANG! Almost a million hits! Wowwwwwwwwww. :)
    I will try to come. :)

  9. Hey, Sorry about missing my own quitting party. :(
    I guess I will have to reschedual, but I will keep you updated.

  10. darn i missed it! i thought i could still make it at 4 oh well :P
    ill try for the 1,000,000 hits lol

  11. GRRRR I was gone since morning!grrrrrr I’ll def be there for the millon hits party though.Next time do it on a Saturday!
    cpc mod,Bengallady7

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