Club Penguin Cheats 800,000 Hits Party Review

Chinsetakout here!!

First we met at the Dock:




Then we went to  the Dance Club:


Then played a Dance Contest:


Next we went to the Ice Rink:



Next we went to the Iceberg:


Then we went to the Cove and told some awesome stories around the fire:



Then ended the party in the Forest:



Now for the featured penguins. All these Penguins were at the party the whole time and were really fun to party with:

Sweet! It was awesome for us to hang out with all you guys! :D Lets make the 1,000,000 party even better! :D



12 Responses

  1. thanks
    (cpc super mod)

  2. Thanks for coming everyone! :D


  3. Im so sorry Chinse! I had t go to a water park. I asked if I could stay home but they said no. But its the thought that counts Chinse! Right :(?
    -Penguitt(CPC MOD)
    Chinsetakout: Right, Penguitt! I hope you had fun at the water park! :D

  4. It was a great party guys. :) Thanks for featuring me… I can’t wait for the 1,000,000 hits party. :D

  5. Thanks for featuring me!!! I like to making people feel good. My penguin was B1031, and my name is 12345Joey. Thanks SOOO much! You are nice. Thanks for adding me!!!

  6. i coldint come!!!

  7. Your not alone Peng, I could’t come I was gone the whole day!
    cpc mod,Bengallady7

  8. How do you make those emotes?

  9. Hey ,

    WOW! Your Site has Improved Alot In Hits, Style And Class and i will Be Making This One Of My First Stops For Club Penguin Cheats.

    If You Would Please Visit My Site And Comment That Would Mean a great Deal To Me!

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  10. How do you make your site? Its awesome! I have a new site, And I wants to make it really good. Do have any tips?

  11. well,What Chisne’s site stood out to be most was that he had a whole list of all the cp pins,the catologs and funny pictues!so try doing something cool that might make your site be noctied
    hope this helps!
    cpc mod, Bengallady7

    • Thanks!

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