Red Lei Return to Club Penguin?

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

We have heard a lot of people talking about the Red Lei coming back to Club Penguin. All of this was sparked by the appearance of the Red Lei in the Adventure Party. If you go to the Dance Club you will see a wooden penguin with the red lei around its neck!


Chinsetakout just emailed Club Penguin about if the Red Lei would be returning. Many penguins have already done so and have told us that Club Penguin responded that it will be returned later in the summer :D Do you think the Red Lei will return?

-Dr Pepper 66


27 Responses

  1. I really hope it comes back because it is one of my all time favorite items :D

    -Dr Pepper 66

    • I thought that was for real! I ran up to it! I emailed cp about bringing the red and blue leis out!! and maybe a cool green one! They thouhgt it was a great idea! Cant wait till they come out!
      -Penguitt/ CPC MOD

    • hey penguitt its me xtreme kid heres my second penguin pufflekong5 lol i didnt know you liked this site

      • I am a MOD here. what do yuo expect? lol!
        -Penguitt (CPC MOD)

  2. great site!please visit *no advertising* thank u!

  3. It is fun to stand behind the statue and say: I have the red lei!
    Chinsetakout: Lol! Awesome! :lol:

  4. hmmmm

  5. Probably in a summer party in July.

  6. But if it comes back then fame will be no more.
    This is our last item to bring back.
    Did you know that?
    That’s like the only one the did not not bring back.
    I might quite if they bring it back….
    I’m a beta so the only item now left for me is the beta item which I never like to wear….

  7. Sweet! I’m so excited!

  8. yay thats soooooooooooooooo coooool!!!!!!1

  9. thats cool hay chines i have a site tnx for ur support!

    coool red lie
    ps can i be a mod i do all the rules~

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    ~Qx4 Penpal

  11. YO! did you know the treasure book 3 is ready to unlock? I just noticed today xDD

  12. Can you please please please please please go to *no advertising* and say cowtail5 told me to come here?!?! PLEASE! Please? I will go to ur site everyday, no matter what if you do!

  13. I cant wait! Hopefully, (as Penguitt commented) they will have a green lei!

  14. My friend has the red lei. But I do hope they bring it back.

  15. yeah, I think they should make a green lei insted and let
    the red and blue lei stay rare.
    cpc mod,Bengallady7

  16. Hey i just found something at the party! at the forest you can change the flowers with your color! peach and brown and orange dont work or light blue sorry, go at there and try it!
    cpc mod, Bengallady7

  17. i emailed them too and they said it would return this summer!

  18. they should have a pink or orange Lei cause that would look good with the hula skirts lol

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  20. Not the blue one! I like the red one though, green sounds cool too!

  21. it is coming back…i got news from riffy888! also, go to *no advertising* for membership contest!

  22. i want it but rare people would flip out oh and i’ve a party coming up and im quitting at the end of the summer so i wanna try to live in the fame for a little bit so try to come to my party if possible. if u cant make it its all cool

  23. how do u email cp?

  24. Hey Chinsetakout! It’s Little Zany, the penguin who came up to you at the dock? Anyway, cool website! Try to visit my website sometime!

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