Club Penguin Membership Update and Party Revealed!

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin made a new membership available. It will last three months and is $14.95. I think they made this option available because then us kids who are out for summer break could have a membership that is as long as summer is :D Good Idea I think. Tell us what you think!


Above the membership options it has upcoming events available to members. Notice how it says the Music Jam is coming back! :D That means the Penguin Band will be coming around backstage. This is a really awesome party with great decorations! Let us know what you think about the party returning.




15 Responses

  1. The Music Jam is one of my favorite parties! I can’t wait for it to return! If you have never been Click here to read about last years Music Jam and Click here to see some pictures of the party! :D


  2. me too!!!!!! ummm i love the jam cant wate
    lol my membership endes in a week! lol
    but i im buying one

  3. Neat post!
    I think Club Penguin should bring back the Winter/Summer Luau so the red lei can come back! It matches anything!
    ~ Pippy

  4. hey Chinse dont forget the party tonight at 5:00 pst time at sleet you are a cp7 member so its good to show up

  5. thanks for adding me, chinsetakout!

  6. Chisne! CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!!!

  7. can i give u a rare penguin?

  8. it is 1200, and has lots of items
    Chinsetakout:What is its rarest item?

  9. umm…it has…well… beanie cap, snow shirt, april fools glasses, green bunny ears, ice crown, santa hat, the small shamrock hat, wizard helmet, gold wing viking helmet, red bandanda, safari hat, red parrot, santa beard, pirate belt, yellow and green floaties, pirate red and black shirtand every belt up to orange… it also has the bell, the pumpkin, old maracas, the friendship braclet, the oldest pin is the christmas tree pin,,,and 50+backrounds! So, want to trade…say, 15 wordpress credits for it? or, like, i dont know, a red lei penguin??
    Chinsetakout: Sorry, I dont have any wp credits and it isnt very rare. Thanks anyway! Maybe you will find someone on our chat that will trade! :D

    • Well, it is 1, 2021 days old…and is pretty rare….if I add a 800 day old penguin, will you add me as author?

  10. I have am getting a beta from my cuz soon…what would you give me for that?

  11. deal?
    Chinsetakout: I would have to see the beta first. I am not sure what I would give you but it would be something good.

    • war ur email? i will email u pic
      Chinsetakout: A picture wont do because anyone could get a picture of a beta but I would like to see it. My email is Send it right away.

      • well, check ur email…i was thinking we could meet on the 25 somewhere…….so i could show u beta…

  12. I want that membership but my parents don’t wanna buy me one (:
    anyways this is my problem not urs

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