Club Penguin New Room Update

Jojo161616 here!

Remember those summer sneak peeks Chinsetakout posted a couple days ago? Well I was on Club Penguin playing some card jitsu when I noticed something oddly familiar. I saw the mountain sneak peek Club Penguin showed us and saw that there was a road leading from what looked like the Dojo that went all the way up the mountain next to the Dojo. I think that this will be the new room and Sensei has something to do with it. Sensei will probably open some kind of new room then visit us during the Grand Opening, like Club Penguin had said.


I hope my theory is correct because I cannot wait until we finally get a new room and get to meet Sensei! Let us know if you think I am correct or if you have another theory.



15 Responses

  1. I really hope this is correct! :) I wonder what kind of room it might be… Got any ideas?


    • I said this before but said a duplicate comment I can’t see my comment. It was that I have the same theory but I might know the room. It might be the tallest mountain from the missions or the EPF game.

    • You stole my post and didnt even give me credit! Why would you do that? Thats playgerizing! At least give me credit!!!!!!
      – Penguitt

      • Nevermind. I meant to say bryan97349. I now found out that he asked to take ti from yuo. So Im sorry for what i said. Im stupid. Sorry! :(
        – Penguitt

  2. Whoa! Cool find Jojo :D I can’t wait for the new room or to meet Sensei either! Its going to be a blast! :mrgreen:


  3. cool

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  5. yeah!!!! i cant wait for the new room and to meet sensei :D

  6. Cool But I had this stuff on my site yesturday

  7. maybe a grocey store or something

  8. or maybe you can have tea with him or something!
    cpc mod, Bengallady7

  9. Dude you are so SMART!!!

  10. I have the same theory but I might know the room. It could be the tallest mountain from the missions and the EPF game.

  11. and if u go to the secret HQ theres a blank screen like there was with the stage and stuff

  12. THAIR IS NO SECRET ROOM but hank you the man

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