Club Penguin Rockhopper Plants Growing

Jojo161616 here!

Remember those plants Rockhopper brought a few weeks ago? Well if those plants are in your igloo or a friends igloo go there igloo and you will get a huge surprise. They are growing! They are not fully grown yet, but you can definitly tell that they are growing. The plants will probably take a few more weeks to be fully grown just like the pink flowered plant he brought last year. Here is a picture of the plants:


Let us know if you bought any of these plants and what you think they might look like when they are full grown.



16 Responses

  1. I bought a few of each plant. I think they will look like the plants we saw at the party. What do you think?


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    well, congratz! :D

  3. Sweet! I cannot wait for the plants to be fully grown! :D


  4. thats prity cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thats Sweet!

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  12. omg that how the first one growns i though it will grow bigger but thanks i did not know

  13. thanks i didnt know i though it will grow bigger thanks aot i though it will grow big

  14. you are lucky but i dont have any plants waaaaaaa

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