Club Penguin Music Interview

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Chinsetakout here!!

In light of all the musical events coming our way this Friday, Happy77 decided to interview some of the Club Penguin music designers.


Here is their interview:

Q: There’s a lot of music in Club Penguin. How you do decide what music goes where?

A: We’d like the music to support the feeling of the areas and the party themes.

Q: What’s your favorite part of making music and sound effects?

A: Working with music and sound effects (sfx) is creative and fun, and we hope it adds another dimension to everyone’s experiences on the island.

Q: At last year’s Music Jam party, I seem to remember music called “bubble pop” – is that short for bubble gum pop? Are there other kinds of candy music?

A: With that song we were originally inspired by the Bubblegum Pop style of music. But with music this sweet, it’s all candy.

Let us know which party music or igloo music is your favorite in Club Penguin.



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  1. I really like the Halloween and Fall Fair party music! :D


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