CP Club Penguin One Million Hits Party

Chinsetakout here!!

All thanks to you awesome fans out there we were able to reach a huge milestone in the history of our website! We reached one million hits and its time to celebrate! :D We want to thank all you guys for coming to our website and supporting us! You rock :!: To make this party extra special we are going to take picture of everyone’s playercard that comes to the party. We will do this at the beginning so make to sure to get there early! Now here is the invitation for everyone!


We really hope everyone can come so we can all celebrate together. We really want to meet all you guys on Club Penguin even all you guys that don’t usually come to these, please try to come :D And remember we will be posting everyone’s playercard who comes to the party, on the site! Let us know if you think you will be able to make it! See you there! :D



9 Responses

  1. Awesome! :D I really hope everyone can come!


  2. i think i can come!

  3. ya ur going too block this but on my site *no advertising*
    i made a post ur on it hehe go look at it lol it will be doen u wuill se ur pic ok lol


  4. like the hockeysocks3 cpclubpenguin.org mod? lol

  5. cant wait for the party! see everyone there!!

  6. All right I am telling my friends about it! WOO-HOO!

  7. I want to come but I have to go to school, I get out of school on July 10th. I was wondering, could u change it to a saturday or sunday?

    (P.S.- If you can’t, I completly understand…) Sorry If I cant make it!

  8. I should FINALLY be able to make this one, I might be a little late tho but still be able to come. cant wait!
    Did you know that the day the penguin jam starts Im getting my braces? weird
    cpc mod,Bengallady7

  9. Hey,
    I might come to your party my name is chim098

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