Fireworks on Club Penguin

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin put up some fireworks on Club Penguin for Canada’s Independence Day and for the USA’s Independence Day which on July 4th. I think they should start having short weekend long parties for these Independence Days! Personally I liked last year’s fireworks because they were in the shape of a puffle! Look’s like this years are the same! Make sure to stay on the Mountain awhile to see the Grand Finale! You can find them at the Ski Mountain and Iceberg.



Sweet! I am part Canadian :D Woot! Anyone know what year their Independance Day was? Comment if you do!



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  1. Awesome! For those of you who live in the USA, what are you doing to celebrate our Independence Day :?:


  2. We are buying like, 10 packs of sparklers! 3 years ago, when we were watching the fireworks, I fell asleep on that last part! Chinese-I am going on vacation for the 2 days after this so, if I add you to *no advertising* can you update my blog while I am gone please? Reply with a answer!

  3. hey

  4. idk! lol cool post!

  5. July 1st ?
    BTW Awsome site Chinesetakeout

  6. Hi chinsetakeout i am going to start fireworks at night and while i am inside i will play clubpenguin PS. Thanks for commenting on my site please tell people about my site thanks your biggest fan Jordan25019.

  7. nice post! and this css is honestly out of this world good

  8. Cool Post Chinsetakeout! Also, I’m Having A Party And I Hope You Can Come! Here Are The Details!

    Date And Time: July 7th 3:00 Penguin Time

    Room: Snowforts

    Server: Snow Angle


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  10. Hey Chinse, where is the Chinsetakout TV page I can’t find it!

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