Club Penguin Sensei Tracker

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Chinsetakout here!!

As you guys know Sensei is coming to Club Penguin from July 3-5. Only three days! 8O He will be going server to server visiting us in the Secret Club Penguin Ninja Hideout. To enter the Ninja Hideout and meet Sensei on Club Penguin you must be a black belt on Club Penguin. If you are not try reading our Club Penguin Ninja Cheats Page to help guide you with some great tips that will make you a ninja faster on Club Penguin. When Sensei arrives on Club Penguin we will launch our Club Penguin Sensei Tracker. We will be updating our Club Penguin Sensei Tracker Page with his location. You can just click the tracker to get to the page where we will be updating. We have also put our Club Penguin Chatbox on the Club Penguin Sensei Tracker Page. You can use it to make a search group to try to find Sensei. It is always easier to find him in a group! When you are watching the tracker remember the only way to see the new updates is by refreshing the page. I would reccomend refreshing the Club Penguin Sensei Tracker Page every 5-15 seconds! Now here is the tracker and code for anyone who needs it:

WordPress Blogs Code:
<a href=><img src=
If you have a blog that is not on WordPress just click here to get a code to put on your site! :D Now let’s go find Sensei!

13 Responses

  1. Sweet! Remember there is also a new pin and new clothing catalog tomorrow! Try to visit often tomorrow so you have the best chance for finding Sensei! :D


  2. Hi awesome post I have a site too its *no advertising* plz plz plz plz go to my site *no advertising*

  3. Hi. Kewl I have my black belt and I am ready to see Sensei if I can find him. I hope so.

  4. I need a code for blogger plz!!!!!!!

  5. what server?
    is sensei on?

  6. find me sensei my user:mikey9005 pass:mikeyjay1
    get me it today its the last day

  7. which server is sensei on plz tell me

  8. What do I do with this code? When I put it in does it ADD it to my site?

  9. BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!How do I change my pic for wordpress blogs?i mean this pic>>>>>


  10. Go to *no advertising* because a coin code contest is going on there!

  11. Hi everyone! Please go on my site! *no advertising*! It might have hardly anything on it cos i’m new to it

  12. This website is awesome!

    -cpg moderator

  13. i wont to if sensei a trcker

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