Club Penguin Music Jam Sneak Peek

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Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin released a new sneak peek of the upcoming Music Jam! At last year’s Music Jam each room was decorated for a different kind of music so that is probably what this sneak peek is showing. Also we are working on our Club Penguin Cadence and Penguin Band Trackers! They will be finished soon!


Sweet! Let us know if you are looking forward to the Music Jam, which starts July 17!



17 Responses

  1. I can’t wait for the Music Jam on Club Penguin! How bout you?


    • i cant wait till the music jam either! I hope i can make it before i go on hoilday, Could you be an author on my site chinse?

      ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  2. i cant wait oh by the way i am one of penguitt’s best friends so

  3. Cooler web plz help me get viewers!

  4. Hey Chinsetakout and Dr Pepper!
    Very cool site! It was good meeting you!
    This is my #1 site now!! :)


  5. hi chinease takeout, im woffbuffet. Ive seen you on club penguin a few times. But i am upset that you just disappear to another room. I really hope i did not do anything wrong? I like your site! Please tell me on my site i am a little upset: *no advertising*
    Lets stay in touch, i think your a very nice person! :)

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  6. THANKS FOR COMMENETING! :D ive subed your youtube channel and added you as a friend! YOU ROCK! I have added you on my blogroll! Lets stay in touch

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  7. oops sorry for advertising

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

    comment back :D

  8. Hey, i was wondering… Could i be a mod or an owner of your chat, i am worried that somebody could break the rules and could lead to fights I will do well! I PROMISE YOU I WILL BE A GOOD MOD/OWNER If its a no, not to worry! Please tell me the aims for becoming one.

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~ Comment back on my site

  9. how do you get the tracker and how do i update it

    • Learning to be a CPC mod:

      elishockey: how do you get the tracker and how do i update it

      Dear elishockey you have to make a tracker yourself, and go on cp on different servers. Find the person, and edit page and you can change anything there. Thats if you are on wordpres, hope i helped!

      ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  10. add me!!

  11. Cool website!

  12. Chinse I had an idea, if you could make a tracker. Like the other ones but for you. If someone wanted to meet you, you would post where your on. Then more people would be able to see you! But, like I said its just an idea. This website is the best I visited in a long time! P.S. Give this a thumbs up if you think its a good idea!


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    Thanks for your time!! :-D

  15. go to *no advertising*

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