Club Penguin Pin Cheat – Ruby Pin

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin has brought back the play, Ruby and the Ruby.


In the play a Ruby Pin is hidden. Here is a guide to find the Ruby Pin:

First click on the file cabinet in top left corner of the stage.


Next click on the Trash Can near the stairs in the middle of the stage.


Now you need to click the book on the desk in the bottom of the Stage.


Now click the Flower Pot on the table in the top right.


Now remove the picture frame to reveal the safe.


Next click the safe to open it and you have found the Ruby!


Now click it and add it to your inventory!


Awesome! Let us know if you have any problems finding the pin and if you like the Stage!



14 Responses

  1. This one of my favorite stages! How about you :?:


  2. lol, i said the exact thing on my site chinse. Me to! :D

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

    chinsetakout rocks!

  3. I like it…sort of. THey brought back a pin though, witch stinks. Also, rockhoppers plants are even bigger! :!:

  4. Ye its ok but my favorite is the fairy fables.Wow your site is wicked.Can I be an arthor here because

    1. Your site is super cool
    2. Your awsome
    3.I am looking to work on lots of sites.

    I give the post thumbs up

  5. dude i cant open that frame

  6. That did NOT help

  7. Hey Chensetakout i want to be your buddy im always at Mammoth in the Dock my penguins name is Ynym ok

  8. p.s that that pin secret helped me alot i didnt realised that there is a pin there!!

  9. IT is awesome igive it a 5stars

  10. not bad clues! not bad at all this site is pretty good yo

  11. hey i love this website but i tried to find the pin and i found it then it said sorry this item is currently not available when i clicked on it =(


  13. It says its unavalable…??????????

  14. It’s not unavailable/

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