Club Penguin: Ignored Friend Cheat

Chinsetakout here!!

Today, on Club Penguin, I found a cool new Club Penguin Cheat. This glitch allows you to be friends with someone on your ignore list. Here is a step by step guide to show you how:

1. Ask someone to be your buddy.


2. Ignore that person before they accept.

3. Wait for them to add you as their buddy.

4. Your new Club Penguin friend will now be on your ignore list and buddy list.


Check out our Club Penguin Cheats page for more awesome Club Penguin Cheats, glitches, hints, tips and more! Try it out and let us know how it works for you!



8 Responses

  1. Awesome! Try it out and comment how it works for you! :D


  2. Cool Glitch!

  3. Cool!

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  4. nice

  5. Chinsetakout,

    I asked to be your buddy the other day but you wouldn’t respond!


  6. That’s really cool! By the way, how many stripes do you have under your member badge?

    -Rassbert your biggest fan

  7. Last year, a kid who used to be my buddy I deleted, and ignored. Then later, he added me. And when I deleted him, he went straight to my ignore list!

  8. I found this out like a month ago XD
    I noticed some guy name Earl Watson was on my buddy and ignore list XD

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