Club Penguin: Post Card Glitch

Chinsetakout here!!

There is a new postcard out on Club Penguin, but there is something very odd about it. The new postcard is given to the penguins whose jokes, riddles, or reviews are published in the Club Penguin Times. The odd thing is, that I didn’t even submit anything to the newspaper!


I think everyone may have gotten one by accident, so check your mail and  let us know whether you have received one or not!


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18 Responses

  1. Nope. I didnt get one. So why did you get one?

  2. Nope i didnt.

  3. i did i never posted before i didnt know we can?

  4. Hello there Chinsetakout,

    You’re invited to be part of The Club Penguin Cheats Council. It’s a new group that takes decissions for rules on cheat pages. If interested, email me at

    Waddle on

  5. nope

  6. heyyyyy

    umm theres another postcard glitch

  7. Nope, non of this happening at me.

  8. Its was probably a miss send orr a bug on club penguin that acidentaly sent one to chinease and other poeple for no reason. Maybe some called chineasetakeout2 or something similar sent it in and got mixed up.These things are all posible

  9. wow well this is really wierd i was on club penguin frozen dock and there was a card bot sending out different cards to penguins i got a christmas card and haloween card but the thing is those cards were out along time ago and arent albe to sen them anymore :S

    and chinse its probably cp testing it out idk


  10. I didn’t get it. Also, Slip, Eagles770, and Sadhadfas2 sites all got hacked by IAMTHEWALRUS. BE ON THE LOOKOUT.

  11. i didnt get one. maybe its for aq couple people who are special i dont know.

  12. I got one mail that said the same thing!

  13. nope i didn`t get one but i want one

  14. i have never got one of those!i told funny jokes to.well bye!

  15. Maybe Someone submited there thing to penguin times and said there name is chinsetakout

  16. i wish i got it

  17. I got 6 mails mocking hannah montana and the pictures always for the puffle that says feed me i am hungry but they removed it and wrote jokes about hannah montana and her father. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. My password and name is

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