Club Penguin 2009 Music Jam Updates

Chinsetakout here!!

There are some updates to the Music Jam Party on Club Penguin. The stage at the Dock will change everyday, to represent a theme from another part of the island. Today it is showing the Western Stage at the Forest.


Another update happening in Club Penguin is that the Penguin Band is no longer on break and they are now playing on the Iceberg. While they are there you will not be able to meet the Club Penguin Band at the Backstage.


Sweet! I am still having an awesome time at the Music Jam! Are you still enjoying the party?



2 Responses

  1. yeah, but it sinks that you can’t actually meet the penguin band. i still have not met them bakstage :(
    qwll, i think most people are enjoying the party.. i mean it is cooool. well byee..

    • i know! it does stink

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