Club Penguin: Music Jam To-Do List

Chinsetakout here!!

The Club Penguin Music Jam ends Sunday July 26th. Make sure to log on and really enjoy it, while it lasts. There are a ton of things to do while enjoying the Music Jam but here are just a few:


  • If you have an instrument, then you should go to the Lighthouse stage! If you play your drums, tuba, trombone, or any guitar, you can actually hear what you’re playing!
  • The Underground Cave has a floor piano! Step on a key. Oh, and the switch on the wall lets you hear other penguins!
  • There are musical icicles in the Mine. Mouse over them!
  • Battle of the Bands at the Snow Forts! The stages are connected to a meter and the one with the most penguins wins!
  • The Music Maker 3000 is back! Last year it was in the Dojo but this time it’s near the Snow Forts. Bring some friends and play giant musical instruments.
  • Keep checking out the big stage at the Dock as it plays music from all of the other stages.

Awesome! I am definitely going to savor the last moments of the Club Penguin Music Jam!



5 Responses

  1. Awesome! I am going to try to do all of these!


  2. blah

  3. Goldengirl67 is back! :D Check out her website. she loves to get comments so…. COMMENT ALOT PEOPLE! If you do she might add you admin 8)

  4. hi i am looking for the PB have u seen them if so plz tell wat server their on


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