Club Penguin: Series 4 Treasure Book Spoiler

Chinsetakout here!!

I have managed to find an exclusive sneak peek of the Club Penguin series four treasure book. From what I can see, it looks like the new treasure book will be released during October on Club Penguin. Take a look:








Sweet! We will have the Club Penguin Cheats for it when it comes out but, who knows, they may change it since it got leaked out. What item would you want to unlock from it?



4 Responses

  1. I would like to get the blue scuba gear or some of the exclusive items. :D


  2. Are you from San Diego? – cool!!!!

  3. Look my Offer you can get two penguins over 1250 days and two penguins 600 – 910 days old. You have chance to get too – 750 000 coins, Buddy forever , Admin for 1 year and 6 month….

  4. I would SOOOO unlock the cloud shoes and maybe that new hair or the blue cuffs.

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