Club Penguin: New “Star Reporter” Book

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin released a new book to the Unlock Items Online section. If you buy the book at Toys R’ Us or your local Disney store be sure to unlock your free book item and 1500 coins. If you have already unlocked the book you will recieve 2000 coins.

new book

Awesome! We will release all the Club Penguin Cheats and Codes as soon as possible so you guys can unlock the book and coins. It also looks like the book will be about Aunt Arctic! Comment if you want to get the story!



8 Responses

  1. Sweet! I definitely would get this! :D


    • So Would I, It Looks Cool!

  2. dude i put up your banner on my blog

  3. so would I.Awsome post

  4. Hey, I just wanted to tell anyone that reads this that I have officially quit Club Penguin, WordPress, and Youtube. If you’re a friend, or used to be a friend of mine (and I remember you) then you need to look on my site. I said something to anyone and everyone I could remember from being my friends and there is some pictures taken over the past year and a half. Thank you guys for being there and supporting me.

  5. can i get the book

  6. Heyy Chido, I have 1 code If you’d like to put it on your site could you give me credit with a link?
    What word is on page six? Printed

  7. i can’t get the book does anyone have codes i can use

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