Club Penguin: You Decide Furniture Item

Chinsetakout here!!

Club Penguin is letting us decide a new furniture item that will be in the September issue of the better igloos catalog! There are three choices: Dinosaur Statue, Green Beanbag Chair, and Globe on Pedestal. Check it out:


Lets take a poll shall we?

Awesome! I voted for the Green Beanbag Chair! Comment which item you voted for.

In other news: Remember the Splatter T-shirt will be released in the August Clothing Catalog. It comes out this friday, so remember to check back here for all the Club Penguin Cheats!



11 Responses

  1. Awesome! Remember to comment which you voted for! :D


  2. I voted green puffle been bag! The dinousaur one is kind of lame, I mean, it is club penguin, not webousaurs! LOL
    Cowtail5(CPC Mod)

  3. I chose the beanbag item.

  4. i voted for the beanbag chair too!!

  5. It was between the Dinosaur statue and the Green Beanbag, but I chose the Beanbag because it would go great with my friend’s puffle themed igloo!

    Rubbercow (CPC Mod)

  6. oh yeah i cant wait till the bean bag chair come out! (cpcmod) hihipet

  7. I voted Green Puffle Chair because the Dino has nothing t do with Penguins, and the Globe is in my teachers classroom, and I hate school.


    • lol nice logic

  8. I was looking reading your blog and I remember you asked me to add you to my blogroll. I added you, but you dont have me… you dont have blogroll.
    Please reply in my blog, Asulio.

  9. Hey guys, a newpaper came out today annoucning what the winning color was you missed it just saying! ;)
    Cowtail5(CPC mod)

  10. Go here this rocks! Now we are making a real site and are looking for workers that can make swfs are good at drawing and just have alot of imagination! Now we are gonna have so much fun come beta test and betas get maybe even a lifetime membership ill think about it.


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