Club Penguin: Lighthouse Music Cheat

Chinsetakout here!!

As many of you now know, when you play an instrument on the Lighthouse stage in Club Penguin, you can hear yourself play the instrument. Cool right? Well here is a Club Penguin Cheat that allows you to continue to keep hearing yourself play without even playing an instrument! Check it out:

1. Log into Club Penguin and put on an instrument

music cheat1

2. Start to play that instrument on the Club Penguin lighthouse stage

music cheat2

3. Wave or sit and you will still hear the music playing!

music cheat 2

Awesome right? I really like how you can hear yourself play the instruments… very cool :D



7 Responses

  1. My favorite instruments to play on Club Penguin are the tuba, violin, and drums! :D Which are yours?


  2. Cool! I like the tuba best! It rocks the nation! ;-)
    Cowtail5(CPC Mod)

  3. i like the red guitar most but im a non member, but i have been a member and have it for members. i still have maracas for non members.
    p.s. we should have a party soon, that would be cool

  4. I love the drums and the Black Electric Guitar! I see you on cp All the time! Sleet at the dock! Maybe sometime you can see my website…

  5. when i sit it doesn’t keep on playing. Does anybody know why?

  6. cool! i love the light house now

    cpc mod hihipet

  7. mines tuba

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