Club Penguin: Series 4 Treasure Book Released

Update: The winner of the Coin Code Contest is… Dogdude75232! Congrats and the coin code has been sent to your email. :D Don’t worry if you didn’t win, we will have another Coin Code contest soon!

Chinsetakout here!!

Remember when the Club Penguin Series 4 Treasure Book was accidentally leaked and we posted it here? Well Club Penguin has now officially released it :D As of right now there are no Club Penguin Cheats but sometimes they add them later! Check out all the items:

Sweetastic! Let us know in a comment which your favorite items are! :D



12 Responses

  1. I really like the cloud shoes! :D Very cool!


  2. I like the cloud shoes and cuffs

    • they are cool
      (chinsetakout mod)

  3. Congrats dogdude!
    I know someone who already unlocked 2 items…the series 4 toys are puffles! I like the cloud shoes the best! The cuffs are cool to! I am buying 3 series 4 today!
    Cowtail5(CPC mod)

  4. I like the dark denim jacket

  5. i like the fire hair and the fish costume best.(i like to dress up weird.)p.s. we should have a big party soon

    • i agree finallty man ur cool
      chinsetakout mod

  6. I like the Scientist Suit, the Bee Costume, the Pirate suit(though it was featured in 2 catalogs), the Fishing Outfit, and the Lifeguard Suit. I’ll probably be buying like 8 series 4 toys. :)


  7. how do you sign up to win it just email me back my email is


    • well man every 1 noes u have used over 20 codes and u werent first sry man
      chinsetkaout mod

  9. wow i can wait till i get at series 4 code i love the exclusives

    cpc mod hihipet

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