Club Penguin: Unlimited Furniture Cheat

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Chinsetakout here!!

I have found a super awesome new Club Penguin Cheat! This Club Penguin Cheat allows you to get unlimited furniture on Club Penguin! (thanks to Lilcj13 for the tip) Sounds cool right? Check it out:

1. This cheat can be very difficult, but making your computer run slowly is the easiest way to do this Club Penguin Cheat! The first step is to open about 20 tabs of This will make your computer seem slower and make this cheat a TON easier!


2. Log into Club Penguin and enter your igloo.

3. Click on the tape measure icon in the bottom right corner to edit your igloo.


4. Click the box icon to view all your Club Penguin furniture items.


5. When the furniture is loading, click the empty box with the furniture that you want to have an unlimited amount of. You have to click it before the furniture loads otherwise it won’t work. Tip: Before you try to click the empty box quickly, look and check where the furniture item you want is located in your inventory, that way you can click it faster! Also see step one to see how to make your furniture load slower!


6. Once the furniture has a negative amount, you can put as many pieces of that furniture in your igloo as you like and you will never run out. Tip: Buy one of the item you want so its easier to get to a negative amount.


7. Woot! You can now have as much as of that furniture as you want!


Swweeeet! This Club Penguin Cheat is really awesome! Comment what you think and if you have any questions (I know it is kind of confusing).



14 Responses

  1. Awesome cheat! Tell me what you think! :D


  2. i dont want to try it because when i do it usualy makes my computer freeze but thanks anyway how long bfore i can become a admministrator i would love to!

  3. I found that out by accident a few weeks back, and I had like, minus 200 puffle beds!
    Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  4. Nice site.
    Mine gives free coin codes, has over 6 million hits but doesn’t post cp updates anymore.
    Want to exchange links?

  5. go to *no advertising* because hes having a really cool contest were you can win a toy code! and a rare penguin! check it out!

  6. Ok, but does it get you taken off the server or banned?

  7. i cant do it i put up more than 25 pages of the cheat site and its still not working
    wat should i do? plzzzzz tell mee

  8. cool glitch cant wiat to use it

    cpc mod hihipet

  9. coooll i got to try this!!!!!! thx!!

  10. its not working fine somthing esy for us plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. this cheat still works! Do not toggle the screen resolution or you will not be able to do this glitch.

  12. I will try it

    cpcc mod

  13. cool site ittsss cooll!!!! :D

  14. you dont get banned. i did it by accident i have 26 lcd tv xD

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