Club Penguin: Who’s Chinsetakout Q & A Series 1

Chinsetakout here!!

We got a ton of  awesome questions from all you guys. It was really hard just to pick 15 questions. It’s really fun to hear what you have to ask and to see your comments! Well, lets get started:

whos chinse

Question #1

Tatomusic asked…

when did you start Club Penguin?


Great question! I started playing Club Penguin in late 2006 (lol sorry i forget the month). I found about Club Penguin from a friend at school and ever since I started I have always loved playing Club Penguin and hopefully will continue to! :D

Question #2

Inzovex asked…

If you could enter any virtual video game and play from inside the game, what game would you enter?


I love this question. If I could enter any video game I wanted and play from the inside, I would probably have to say Mario Kart. That is one of my favorite classic games and it never gets old! I would love to be able to drive off the road then be picked up by a flying ghost ;) Second I would have to say any sport game, such as football, basketball, or hockey!

Question #3

Danny24418 asked…

What server do you usually go on?


Nice question! If you want to find me on Club Penguin, I am usually hanging out on the servers Frozen or Sleet. But lately, I have been having some quick little parties on the server Thermal. See if you can catch me there!

Question #4

Blue flame 10 asked…

when do you plan to stop playing cp?


Good question! This is has never really come across my mind because I love playing Club Penguin so much and love helping you guys with all the Club Penguin Cheats! So right now I will answer this question by saying this: Hopefully no time soon ;)

Question #5

Moosecake101 asked…

Why do you wear those All- white- clothes?


Amazing question! I was wondering if anyone would ask about my signature outfit ;) The reason I wear it all the time, is frankly because I never get sick of it. I used to see some people wear the santa beard item on the ghost sheet and always thought it looked sweet. Once I became a member on Club Penguin, I put a bunch of white clothes together, and WA LA, my outfit was born!

Question #6

Cowtail5 asked…

Why did you choose your name to be chinsetakout? Why not chinesetakeout?


Thanks for the question! I have gotten this one a few times before and here is the answer. The reason my Club Penguin username is Chinsetakout is because Chinesetakeout is too many letters! I know, uncool right? Well I still think Chinsetakout is my kind of name, do you like it?

Question #7

Cowtail5 asked…

Why are jojo and dr pepper the only other workers here? Do you think you can add a few more? That would be cool ;)


Sweet question! There are a few reasons why me, Jojo161616, and Dr Pepper 66 are the only workers here. First we all know each other in real life, and are neighbors. This makes it easy to communicate and easy to trust them. Another reason is that since we started this blog together, it is something we share in real life and makes us happy to have as our own. In reguards to the second question, who knows what the future holds, we may consider adding another worker later on, but for now we are just fine :)

Question #8

Cowtail5 asked…

Have you ever though of making a chinsetakeout army? That would be cool! Do you think that you ever will?


Another good question Cowtail5! I think this is an awesome idea to make a Chinsetakout Army! I think I will definitely consider this for the future and will let everyone know if we ever do decide to create a Chinsetakout Army.

Question #9

Slippey50833 asked…

Do you play a sport, and if yes which one?


Super Question! I do love sports and play a few. I love to play basketball, football, and street hockey. I also am on my schools Cross Country and Track teams. I really love going outside and being active. I also love swimming at the pool and ocean. Ton of fun :)

Question #10:

Rassbert asked…

What’s your favorite Chinese food? Or if you don’t like Chinese food, what’s your favorite take-out(or takout :D )


LOL! Nice question! I do happen to love chinese take out ;) My favorite food would probably be Orange Chicken. There is this place near to me that makes the best. Yum! What are all your guy’s favorite kind of chinese food? Fortune cookies count ;)

Question #11

Hihipet asked…

why did u choose the name chinsetakout??? and r u chinese????


Awesome question! I don’t have a very good reason for picking the name Chinsetakout but here it goes. I picked it because it was the most random thing I could think of at the moment I was making my penguin. No, I am not Chinese, wish I was though because than I would have had a better reason for you guys ;)

Question #12:

Cowtail5 asked…

How old are you in club penguin? What is your oldest pin? How long have you been a member?


LOL! Another awesome question Cowtail5! On Club Penguin my penguin is 996 days old! Woot, almost 1,000! My oldest pin is the Jetpack Pin, really goes with the Festival of Flight theme huh? And I have been a member on Club Penguin for I think 2 years, I just recently recieved the member badge with the star so the months are stacking up! :)

Question #13:

Compgeek567 asked…

Are u going to start having mini-parites soon? I really liek the ones wear u have figure out clues to find the party! U could also maybe have some twitter parties. Thanks chinse!


Sweetastic question! I would LOVE to have some mini-parties and twitter parties soon, and the party clues are a great idea too. I think this is a great idea and will try to make it happen! What do you guys say? Do you want some mini-parties? Let me know in a comment. And if we ever have a twitter party make sure you are following me at

Question #14:

Fatherluke11 asked…

What country are u from? And if u can tell what area of that country do you live in?


Cool question! I am from the good ol’ USA :) I live just outside of Washington D.C. and visit there all the time. I gotta add this cause they are my team: GO REDSKINS ;)

Question #15

Artlady55 asked…

Chinse, will you ever have a contest where we have to draw your penguin, or make a video of ourselves doing something from cp or something like that? You know, more creative?


Another cool question! I would love to have creative contests for you guys! Those are some awesome ideas too! Maybe we will have a contest where you send us some videos of you doing the penguin dance or something cool! I need to hear from you guys again… comment if you would like us to have these kind of things!

Ok that is all the questions! I had a blast reading and answering all the questions! And depending on your comments we could have some really cool new stuff going on around here! :) We will do this again soon!



9 Responses

  1. I would love to have some mini-parties with clues and on twitter. I would also love to have some more creative contests! :D Let me know how you feel!!


  2. Cool stuff! I like your site lots! Thanks for answering my questions! Do you think I can be leader with you if you make a chinsetakeout army?
    I following you on twitter, because you rock!
    Cowtail5(CPC MOD)
    will you give me 15 wp credits if i give u a unused series 3 coin code?

  3. I would love the mini parties and the creative contest. Although I don’t know how to make a vid, so I am going to have to draw my penguin… It’s still a cool idea though! :D

    • I think it is. Because now I am 11 and my parents already said you are too old for Club Penguin, but I don’t think so.


      (CPC MOD)

  4. Hey Chinse here’s a question!

    How old are you in real life? Because I am 12 is that too old for Club Penguin?

    Please answer!


    P.S: Im ur buddy!

  5. awsome!

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

    Do i go to super mod soon? I comment on most posts, comment back,]

  6. cool hi chinse remember me? we were best friends on cp you have an awsome site! I have a site to.

  7. Awesome! I like the noodles for Chinese Take Out. But the Orange Chicken rocks too.

    -Rassbert(CPC MOD)

  8. why do you never add me on cp im yellow980???? PLZ AWESNER

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