Club Penguin: Festival of Flight Party Cheats and Free Items

Chinsetakout here!!

The Club Penguin Festival of Flight is here and it has not disapointed! Lets get to the Club Penguin Cheats:

Club Penguin Festival of Flight Cheats Free Items:

Go to the plaza where you can pick up your very own green propellor cap!


To get to the Tallest Mountain Room on Club Penguin is kind of tricky. First go to the Forest and walk on to the Hot Air Balloon Ride. This hot air balloon will take you up to the Tallest Mountain!


The tallest mountain is only for members. Here is what the tallest mountain looks like for all you non-members!


The free item on Tallest Mountain is the Jet Pack!


I really think this party rocks! Comment if  your having fun at the party!


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20 Responses

  1. My favorite parts are the Dance Club and see the edges of Club Penguin at the Beach and Cove. Another cool thing is Hydro Hopper at the Dock. :D What do you like?


  2. LOL! YOu guessed them all right!
    :D I like the jetpack!
    Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  3. can you please take a look at my club penguin cheats *no advertising* and tell all your mates about it please
    waddle on pen50gi it has the latest new about the club penguin flight party

  4. Hey. Did you know that the jet pack used to be a secret item.
    you had to tip the iceburg to get it before!

  5. its awesome

  6. I love when you see the edge of club penguin at the cove, too! Is it possible to jump? Just asking.

  7. i met everybody in cp

  8. i met everybody

  9. how to we get into the ballon for non-menbers if it keeps saying become a menber every time we try to get in?

  10. WHERE IS GARY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. the jetpack is awsome

  12. I have to agree. Jetpack is pretty cool. LOL!

    • cool
      imet gary too and hes my buddy
      i justsaid g be my buddy
      then i got a friend recuest from gary

      p.s.his house is awsome
      p.s.s. i like applesauce hahahahaXD

  13. I met gary on club penguin and i was wondering how to get into his SECRET lab something about the candles in the bookroom?

  14. I know what you mean! On halloween there was a outfit you could buy and wearing it would make one of those candles in the book room glow. If you clicked it, the entrence to a lab would open!

  15. it was the best party ever

  16. hey i love festvail of flights and it was soo much fun well i gtg bte

  17. hi ha

  18. This party was so fun! I love the jetpack!

    82ini (CPC MOD)

  19. these are not even cheats there not hidden and on the boxes say free on them and plus this website is old cause the fall has been and this is 2009 this sucks if anyone agrees with me give me a thumbs up please


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