Club Penguin Gary Tracker – Where is Gary and How to Find Gary Tips

Click the Tracker for Gary’s Location!

Chinsetakout here!!

Click here to refresh the Club Penguin Gary Tracker. This Club Penguin Gary Tracker is updated when ever we find Gary on Club Penguin. Check back here as much as possible for your best chance to find Gary!

Here are some great tips to finding Gary on Club Penguin:

1. This Gary tracker is updated very quickly so make sure to refresh every few seconds.
Click here to refresh the Club Penguin Gary Tracker.

2. Gary can go on any server but tends to go on crowded Club Penguin servers such as Mammoth, Frozen, and Blizzard. He usually spends 10-15 minutes on each server that he goes on.

3. You can recognize Gary by knowing that his penguin is blue and wears a white professor coat and glasses.

4. Gary is always crowded when he was on a Club Penguin server. If the room is full he is most likely there. If he is so crowded that you can’t click him check the users in room list. His penguin name will have a big smiley face next to it.

5. Gary is usually on the whole day once Club Penguin says he is on. So never stop trying!

6. Gary only goes in the Tallest Mountain room, so to save time when you are looking for Gary, just check that room.

7. Click Gary’s “Add to Buddy List” button to recieve a free autographed background!

8. Follow Chinsetakout on Twitter for updates on Gary’s Location on Club Penguin!

9. Use our Club Penguin Chat,, to form a Gary search group!

The most important tip is to use our Club Penguin Gary tracker. It is always being updated with Gary’s location on Club Penguin.  Most importantly keep refreshing to keep up-to-date with Gary’s location!



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  1. Lets get tracking! Who’s with me?


    • go chinsetakout lets get tracking im on ur chat site right now!

  2. ME!
    I gonna find him ;)
    Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  3. Im trying all my might!

  4. im having trouble adding widgets to my wordpress how do i do it..?

  5. i saw you and gave you a friend request but then you left remember im mxz7000 and i think i saw drpepper66?

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    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  7. Your site rocks!!!

    Would you please add my site to your blog roll:
    *no advertising*

    • The *no advertising* thing is really creeping me out. Got any more words?

  8. tracker doesnt work!


  10. i like ur site could u add me to ur blogroll

  11. hi

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