New Club Penguin Music Video “You Belong with Me”

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!!

Today, Chinsetakout, Jojo161616, and I made an exclusive Club Penguin music video to Taylor Swift’s song You Belong with Me!! We’d all really like it if you watched it, commented on it, and rated it!! It took us a while and we hope you like it! Comment your opinions here too!! We will hopefully be making some more music videos for everyone to enjoy! You can also check out our older music videos on Chinsetakout’s Youtube!!

Here is a sneak peek of the next music video:


Comment and let us know what you think of the video and of the clue!

-Dr Pepper 66


25 Responses

  1. comment your opinions of the music video and your guesses to the song of the next one!!
    -Dr Pepper 66

  2. AMAZING VIDEO Drpepper66, jojo161616 and Chinsetakout!!


    SecretAgin1 (CPC MOD)

  3. Loser? I have no idea, to be honest I didn’t know the song “You Belong With Me” even existed…
    :) -Invisomobile

  4. I like it! No idea what the sneek preview thing is! I probably will be like OH! when you guys say what it is!
    Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  5. AWSOME vid chinsetakout, jojo, Dr. Pepper 66. You all rock! I cant wait for the next one! :D

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~
    (CPC mod)

  6. nice vid i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. is the next song loser??? idk

  8. wow this is better than any other music video my far
    that i’ve seen for this song
    Dr.pepper mod,Bengallady7

  9. Awesome vid guys! I have no idea what the sneek peek is.

  10. Hey Chisne u won something at my choice awards for the 2nd straight year i think so u can grab a little widgit if u want to
    ~source~ It would make me happy :cry: lol

  11. I’m gonna try to get my dr pepper mod spot again well i want to get chinse mod more lol.
    3jel97(CPC MOD)

  12. hey cool music video!

  13. I like this song even though I’m a boy. I’ve heard this a couple of times. Lol

  14. What happened to the big pic with the “L”? Now it looks like i said loser for no reason! (FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T SEEN THE PIC, HE PROBOBALY TOOK IT OFF! no offense Dr Pepper!)

  15. That video rocked the house man! :D its awesome!
    Darknerr CPC mod

  16. By the way, near the ned when u heart chinse, thats weird, isnt chinse a boy? lol!

    • lol it was just for the video

  17. *end

  18. Excellent work everybody. Great song too.

  19. omg tha was da best soo coool

  20. OMG You guys did such a goood job!!!!
    I love it!!!!!
    Oh yea i have no idea what the new song is!!?!?!?
    I think it has something to do wwith a loser.

    P.S.- Plz plz make me a mod im on like every day my name on the chat is…….(Heart907)

  21. It’s easy, it’s “Don’t Stop Believing” from “Glee” isn’t it?

    -Pin Wii

  22. the only thing that comes to my mind is ring of fire
    Dr.pepper mod,Bengallady7

  23. I know it now!
    I didnt see the L now i do!
    Dr.pepper mod,Bengallady7

  24. I love that song, and your music video is amazing!!! I was thinking of making a few music videos myself, but after seeing how awesome that is, I don’t think I could come close.

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