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Club Penguin Festival of Flight Mini Party Review

Chinsetakout here!!

WOW! You know after that first Festival of Flight mini party, I thought nothing could really top that. But you guys showed me ;-) And boy am I glad you did :-) There was again a ton of you awesome penguins there, and I think we all had a blast! We moved around to a bunch of different rooms in Club Penguin. I know a lot of you were in school, I am sorry that you couldn’t make it. Let’s see some pictures! :-)

First we all met up at the Forest. It was SUPER full and again I had trouble getting in! We partied there for awhile, with no sign of Gary :-(


Then we went on a trip to the Tallest Mountain. My apologies to the non-members out there, I never had any intentions of leaving you guys down in the Forest. :-( Still ton of fun partying in the Hot Air balloon :-)


Then we partied in the pool. WOW, Gary is a really slow fixer of windows. :-| Still a fun time dancing with you guys. Once again I am really sorry if I couldn’t add you at the party. My list was SUPER full once again but I tried to send everyone I couldn’t add a postcard! ;-)


Next, we headed to the Dance Club, to catch some tunes, and dance to the music.


After, we went to the Snow Forts for a quick Red vs Blue battle. Looks like Red wins this round ;-)


Next, we partied at the beach where we caught some rays. Man was it hot in there or was it just me? Must be all the suns ;-)


Later, we went up to the Mountain to party some more and play some sled racing! Most of you guys probably beat me :’-( LOL!


Finally, we ended this AWESOME party on the Iceberg. We also attempted to break Aqua Grabber ;-) Shh…. Don’t tell Club Penguin!


Like always, after the first mini party, I had a second one in my igloo on the map to add some of you guys to my buddy list that I couldn’t add at the party.


I had an SUPER DUPER CALIFRAGALISTIC time ;-) LOL! What was your favorite part? Look out for party clues for the next party ;-)



39 Responses

  1. My favorite part of the party was just meeting all you guys :-) What was your favorite part?


    • hey chinse can u move the party to 5est im still in camp than so i want to go
      mod leader

  2. Awesome! Can you come to my 15,000 Hits Party?

  3. come join my mmog game to become beta or mod.
    *no advertising*

  4. Yeah, I will add you. Do you have AIM? If you do, I email me it to chrisdog93cp@aol.com.

    Also, please add me as Club Penguin Cheats.


  5. Can you put Croatian translate?

  6. ill try to come

  7. ill try to come

  8. man i missed it cause i started scool today lol
    Chinsetakout: It is on August 20th. Today is August 19th, it hasn’t happened yet.

  9. Aw school started and I can’t go. I’ll try to go to your next one!

    -Rassbert(CPC MOD)

  10. Did you know that *no advertising* and *no advertising* are awesome Clubpenguin/ Earth sites! Check ’em out today!

  11. Hey. That Double Mvp dude was right. Those sites are pretty cool!

  12. Hey chinse! Happy77 just updated about the water play coming friday..just to tell you! Please give me credit!
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  13. Can’t come. I have school :cry:

  14. Also, the coin code of the contest you won has been e-mailed to you! Thanks for participating!


  16. i’ll add you to my blogroll if you add me to urs. email me

  17. oh i cant wait for the party i am so ganna be there and my penguin name is called Zaczaczac!im a member!

  18. IM SO MAD BECAUSE I HAVE SCHOOL! Can you plz change the time? Move it to hmmmm… 9:00 PM EST? Plz! As a friend! Iv’e never went you your paties! :(

  19. There was a girl, a little, fine girl, about 9 years old, was walking around the park, jolly. She was really brave, and went into the woods, arms, ghost arms, grabbed her. She said live on television, 1964, she will stay her age of ghostly-ness. I found her and she almost bit my arm off. She said if Chinsetakout does not change the time, she will bite off, 98 o fhis bones, or less. So change the time im not telling lie! Plz forgive me its ture ya know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :( you dont believe me (cries) to bad you have to die :(

  20. no one will come, because you put where everyone is at school! only like 3 people will come because they like, are sick, and they cant go to school! change it to 9:00! its the perfect time! everyone will come, i just guess you dont wanna be populaer anymore! not my prob!

  21. I won’t make it at that time. Can you move it to 2:15 penguin time? Please, I REALLY wanna be there!!!

  22. hi
    I am the owner of *no advertising* .
    I have added your link to my blogroll.
    Can you add my link to your blogroll??
    Site Name: Club Penguin Cheats
    Site Link: *no advertising*

  23. I Will Be There!!!

    SecretAgin1 (CPC MOD) Trying To be A Chinsetakout mod

  24. Festival of Flight is over! It was so much fun! I only found gary once though. :(
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  25. Hey, awesome sweet blog!

    check mine out ;)

    I remember you, I’m Akon Homiecp, my blog was hacked and stolen but I’ve got it back! :)

  26. hey cool the other time i see ya on kingpin2´s party but you didnt add hope this time you add me lol well ill be there.

  27. You know I’ll be there :D

  28. hey chinsetakeout you deleted me on cp we were bffs can you add me again i want to come to you’re parties and stuff please!!

  29. My username is Jordan25019 remember me?

  30. 30 mins till party!

  31. sorry i could’nt come!
    I’ll try to come to the next party!
    super mod,Bengallady7

  32. waaa you didnt say there will be a second one ;( i miss my oportunity well at least the1 party rocked

  33. OMG I missed it again! I can never make it!!! :(

  34. Hey, chinse, I missed the party… I had school. LOL! If you throw a party this weekend, I’ll be there…

  35. I met you! You are awesome, can we have another one? Anyways, I liked the party!


  36. it looked like a cool party please come on chat anyday during the week from 10ish-9ish (am-pm)
    modorator owner

  37. You’re party was awesome Chinse! Thx for adding me also!

  38. Chinse, y did u delete me?

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