Free Club Penguin Twitter Coin Code Contest

Chinsetakout here!!

I think you guys have earned a new contest, with those awesome parties ;-) We are going to be giving away FOUR coin codes in this contest! (thanks to javapeng63 for donating!) to four random penguins who are followers on Chinsetakout’s Twitter!

Here is how this Coin Code Contest works:

1. If you don’t already have a Twitter account to follow Chinsetakout on, click here to sign up for a free Twitter account! Click the “Join Today” button, then login into your account once it is created.
2. Go to Chinsetakout’s Twitter Page. Click here to go to Chinsetakout’s Twitter!
3. Click on the follow button at the top of Chinsetakout’s Twitter

twitter contest1

After you have started to follow Chinsetakout’s Twitter, you have a chance to win one of four Club Penguin Coin Codes! I will send a direct message to the four different winners with the coin code in the message.

Click here to go to Chinsetakout’s twitter and follow him!

I will also be putting information about mini parties and other cool stuff on my twitter, so make sure to check it out!



32 Responses

  1. Good Luck everyone! Let me know if you are following me on twitter to win a coin code! ;-)


    • great this will be awsome also can u put on the side instead of chine mod for me its mod owner thanks
      mod owner

      • that is mean! I am a loyal mod!
        I follow you chinse! I hope I win!
        ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

        • Hey Chinse, I am still waiting for the answer for my question, How do you get the pics on the sidebar that link to the catalogues, do you use HTML codes? Plz answer back.

  2. cool

  3. Awesome!

  4. yep i follow since time ago i hope i have some luck lol!

  5. lol that contest has been passin on

  6. Nice post! Please comment back at my website *no advertising*
    I am celebrating 50,000 website hits on my website and I am looking foward to having a party on Club Penguin later this week to celebrate and you are invited! Keep checking back for a post with the party info.

  7. Woot! I follow you chinse! I hope I win! :D
    What? The chances are: 4 in 144! better than the lottery :P
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  8. Did you get the coin code I sent you, China?

  9. Hey Chinse !

    I love the site, its awesome and I am a huge fan of you

    Anyway I discovered some extra info about Tallest Mountain being a new room and I thought you might be interested.(Its on the map at the bottom of the post) anyways

  10. Awesome i hope i win!
    3jel97(CPC MOD)

  11. I already follow you!

  12. I unlocked card-jitsu cards ;)

    Best Regards,
    Neeko 24

    • great job man
      mod owner

  13. chinse come on chat now and i didnt win
    mod owner

  14. Congrats neeko24! You are lucky! :D
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  15. im following you now my name is heyheyheypc i hope i win btw awesome contest and awesome blog

  16. Lolz thanks guys! I refreshed twitter and I saw chinsetakeout’s message and i read the time and it said “10 seconds ago” so I rushed to cp and entered the code and unlocked the cards :D THANKS CHINSETAKOUT!

    Best Regards,
    Neeko 24

  17. hi

  18. I follow.

  19. Hi Chinsetakout I am following u on twitter and i really want a toycode cause this is my only chance cause i can’t get them where i live :( which is really annoying so plz plz plz pick me.. I LUV U CHINSETAKOUT U ROCK !

  20. i follow on forever what is a coin code

  21. WOW that will be aweosme ive never won ANYTHINg so this will be fun!


  22. FOllowing i want the coin code lol

  23. Hey Chinse,
    Im following you on your twitter page, my name is princesspuppy22,ive never had a coin code before

  24. i never had a coin code in my life but i think that i got a chance i like to win it

    duncan 800

  25. I’m following!!!

  26. my twitter name is friendswayz and i would really like to win a coin code, i am following you!!
    I’ll thank you so much if you give me this chance :D

  27. hello

  28. mi

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