Club Penguin: Mini Party Clue #1

Chinsetakout here!!

We are siked to have another Club Penguin mini party soon, but you are going to have to work for this one ;-) We will be posting clues for the Server, Date, Time, Room, and What the party is about. If you can solve all of those clues then you can make it to the party! Here is Clue #1:


Did you figure out the clue but think you might forget about it? Go grab a piece of paper and pen and write yourself a little reminder ;-)

In other news: Be sure to enter the Club Penguin Twitter contest! We will be giving away four coin codes away to people who are following Chinsetakout’s Twitter! If you want to read more about it click here!

Hmmm…. I think this is pretty easy! Have you figured it out? ;-) Comment if you have found it!



29 Responses

  1. Know the answer? Comment if you do! :-D Hope everyone can figure it out!


    • server rockeyroad
      Modorator Owner

      • you ruined it! people were supposed to GUESS not to be told!!!

  2. Wow, i have no clue……………

  3. i think its a rockyroad! XD if im wrong i just wanna say u still rock!


    • chinse come on chat now thanks

    • You are correct it is rockyroad. Keep up the good work!

      • if you read my reply to zoozach then …….. well you know what I mean the same reply to zoozach to you OK?

  4. its server rockyroad!

  5. I think u rule! thx dude u rock! awesome chat!

    bionicle8089 (its rockyroad! XD )

  6. ChineseTakeout,
    I have good news for you.
    You have been entered to be penguin of the month on my site

    plz click the link below to vote for you!

    *no advertising*


    And Plz dont say no advertising because i am just telling you that you were nominated for an award!

  7. Hey Its me Pink Ster and Icyboy 35, both our sites got deleted so we made a new site! please visit it its new and we wanna get the same hits as our last site which was 32,000 combined! so please visit *no advertising* and lets get loads of hits! we update it everytime a update comes out!

    -Pink Ster and Icyboy 35

  8. rocky road

  9. good job “cheating” is on my site :P

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~


  10. That’s easy. And Chinse there are some very bad mods on your chat…

  11. Sorry that was me just logged off anyway yes there are some very bad mods on that tracker chat…

  12. Woot! I know it! Rocky road! It was WAY better than mimos clues…they are like, a picture of his penguin, then a picture of a famous person! LOL
    Rock on chinse!
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)
    P.S. Check your email!

  13. simple

  14. i think i no it!




  16. Rockyroad is the server!! There’s a rock and a road. Simple! :D

  17. Wow, your new website design is awesome, and the servers rocky road!

  18. hey chinsetakout i have my own website can i add you on there? My website is setheo1’s cp cheats

  19. Server Rocky Road :D!

  20. its rocky road lol i thought first 1 was a rock then second i thought it were blackpool tower lol!!

  21. server rocky road,

  22. server rocky road date 30 august

  23. Its totally rockeyroad duh cant u see?

    well keep waddling on!

  24. umm mayb its something like rock road
    or the sever rocky road Bye! Waddle On!

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