Club Penguin: New Tallest Mountain Room?

Chinsetakout here!!

Remember how awhile ago we all thought the new Club Penguin room would be the Tallest Mountain? Well, now that the Festival of Flight is gone and with it the Tallest Mountain, I am not so sure anymore.  First of all we definitely know there is going to be a new room because of the blank screen in the HQ, this always indicates that a new room is coming to Club Penguin.


I have some evidence that really makes it seem that the new room won’t be the Tallest Mountain! First, Jojo161616 emailed Club Penguin asking whether or not the Tallest Mountain would be the new room or not. Here is what they said:


This email really tells me that the new room probably won’t be the Tallest Mountain! Do you think the new room will still be the Tallest Mountain? Comment and let us know!

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12 Responses

  1. I don’t think the new room will be the Tallest Mountain. I think it will have to do something with an upcoming party. :-)


    • i have insider info thats its goin to be a place where rare penguins rest but u cant get the background :( oh well the new room wil be cool adn what ever happen to the red lei they said it would be back in the summer and fall starts very shortly ;) i hope they have another party really soon and better than the festival of flight it was pretty fun but the next one should be a member party like it used to be yay have fun and please try to come back on the chat i dont see you anymore and im upset i need u ive twittered, emailed, and commented but this will be fine anyway see you very soon bye
      Modorator Owner

  2. I think it will be something else..i mean, it was for festival of flight, so it is kind of dumb to make it a actual room when there is not flight theme going on!
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  3. When will you update the mods page

  4. That is interesting! i wouldn’t expect that unless that email wasn’t there. In other news: Please go to *no advertising* Please vsit the site alot and make sure to vote for your favorite bloggers in the Awards!

    • what is no advertising is it a website?

  5. well remember in the what’s new? blog had clues of what was coming up? Well check the archives and look at the pictures again.


  7. awww i was kinda hopeing the new room whould
    be the tallest mountain but who knows what
    the new room could be?
    lets try to guess it lol
    super mod,Bengallady7

  8. can i be a moderator!

  9. ChineseTakeout,
    I have good news for you.
    You have been entered to be penguin of the month on my site

    plz click the link below to vote for you!

    *no advertising*


  10. Dude that TV has been there forever, it’s nothing new.

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