Club Penguin Mini Party Clue #2

Chinsetakout here!!

This is the second clue for the upcoming mini party! Did you figure out the first one yet? I hope so ;-) Ok here is Clue #2:

party clue2REMINDER:
Did you figure out the clue but think you might forget about it? Go grab a piece of paper and pen and write yourself a little reminder ;-)

Miss the first clue? Click here for the first Mini Party Clue!

In other news: Be sure to enter the Club Penguin Twitter contest! We will be giving away four coin codes away to people who are following Chinsetakout’s Twitter! If you want to read more about it click here!

You better get this one otherwise you will miss a very important DATE! ;-) LOL! I cannot wait for this party! Did you figure out the clue? Comment if you think you know the answer! ;-)


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30 Responses

  1. Think you got it? Let us know in a comment :-)


  2. Its the date The 30th of August which is SUNDAY!
    Mod Owner

    • Correct! Wow! Keep up the good work on the next clue!

      CPC MOD Setheo1

      Waddle on!

  3. I think its pretty easy
    super mod,Bengallady7

  4. I don’t think i got it…….. I KNOW I GOT IT!!! Can’t wait for the party, and I like how you made the location time date and everything a game to find out!

  5. THE 30th of August
    Server RockyRoad
    Date: August 30th

    • Yes thats correct server rockyroad
      and date august 30th keep up the good guesing!

  6. August 30 th!!!! Please tell me if I’m correct. ( Pretty much everyone will have the same answer as me!) Anyway, thanks for reading!!!! – Food from chat

  7. This sunday! 30th! WOOT! That day….will be 2 days before the worst day ever…first day of school for me!

    • Cool! I go to school 2 days after the party or that sunday is 2 days before i start school!

      Awesome. Setheo1

  8. lol is is August 30th or 31st? :D

  9. awe. I can’t go. I’ll be hunting deer with my dad…. :(

    • Thats okay. Maybe you can come to the next one. We are sure to see you at the next one, well if you can.

      CPC MOD Setheo1

      Waddle on!

  10. dang I can’t go :(
    I will be on vacation:(

  11. Cool! Plz be the next clue to be what time it is! Cause i’m in Vegas that day but I leave in the morning so can you make it in the afternoon? Plz im your buddy. Oh and can i be a moderator?


    P.s. i have my own website and i added you to my blogroll

  12. Guys ill give you a clue to some the first one is Rockr… thats the server and the date is 30th of Augast. Chinsetakout can i be mod on chat cause i see people swear all the time, my name is Chinsetakout ahs the best cheats.

  13. easier than the 1st clue ;) i didn’t even cheat… hehe

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  14. its on august 30th!

  15. Sunday 30th
    Rocky Road

  16. SOOOOO HARD! Isnt it too easy?????

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  18. i cant come!

    cpc mod

  19. Yo chinese you rock! I saw you on Sleet at the dock, except you said hi and **poof** you were gone!! :D Anywho, I can’t attend until I find out the time cux I am probably having a mini-party that day :'(

    ~Double Mvp~

  20. is the 30th labor day?

    • No, the 30th isn’t labor day. But we hope to see you there and keep up your good guesing!

      CPC MOD Setheo1

      Waddle on!

  21. Hi! Your hits are growing amazingly fast! Amazaing posts!
    Please go to *no advertising* and try to figure out 2 of our current clues!

  22. OME! I know the answer! It’s the 30th of August! On the last clue, I looked at the comments, but not this time! Woohoo! LOL!

  23. awsome! chinsetakout can you add me on aim. my acount is please add me

  24. Hey! Its Me Rocky22099! I Made This Chat! It Was Like On 8/ 25/ 09. its this chat *no advertising*
    hope you enjoy! peace!

  25. its the date 30th 2009 August For Now Waddle On!

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