Club Penguin Snow and Sports Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

Club Penguin released a new What’s New today about the new Sport’s Catalog that will come out this week.  He says it will include cheerleader wigs and football stuff!


Remember to check back Friday for all of the Club Penguin Cheats! Comment what you think about what is going to be in the catalog!!

In other news: Be sure to enter the Club Penguin Twitter contest! We will be giving away four coin codes away to people who are following Chinsetakout’s Twitter! If you want to read more about it click here!

-Dr Pepper 66


11 Responses

  1. awsome

  2. green jersey and helmet (maybe!)?? cool!

  3. i can’t wait, i wonder if they are going to put in a green team, like the Red and the Blue Teem, with the face paint and…………. you know what I mean………….

  4. Cool! That looks cool! Also, NICE NEW DESIGN! It is really cool!
    Can you help me with my header?
    ~Cowtail5(CPC MOD)

  5. Sweet! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  6. awsome! cant wait for the new wigs im a cheerleader
    so I hope their good!
    super mod,Bengallady7
    p.s I like the stripes Chisne they look good

    • We hope you have a great time when it comes out, super mod.

      CPC MOD Setheo1

      Waddle on!

  7. LOL chinese ur at sleet dock then you magically dissappear **gasp**

  8. check ur email

  9. chinse-can u email me ur OLD OLD css? the one with palme trees??

  10. Cool! Wow you three are the best! I love your website!

    CPC MOD Setheo1

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